Does Berberine Cause Hair Loss? Analyzing the Effects

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Berberine is a plant alkaloid supplement used to help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. But does it have any effect on hair health?

Does berberine cause hair loss?

While berberine is generally well-tolerated, a small percentage of individuals may experience temporary shedding when first starting supplementation due to its effects on metabolism.

Berberine's Mechanism

It improves cell signaling and hormone balance, both important for the hair follicle growth cycle.

Potential for Shedding

In rare cases, some report a brief 1-2 month telogen effluvium shed as the body adjusts to berberine's actions.

Genetic Influence

Those predisposed to hair loss or nutrient deficiencies could be more vulnerable to temporary shedding.

Typically Mild and Brief

Most episodes resolve independently without long-term hair loss as the body adapts to the supplement.

Risk Reduction

Starting with a low dose and slowly increasing, monitoring for shedding, and addressing deficiencies can help minimize potential issues.

Overall Benefits

Berberine's ability to balance metabolism supports scalp and hair health in the long run for most people.

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