How Much Hair Loss Is Normal After Bleaching? Damage Control and Care

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Bleaching is an effective way to lighten hair color for those seeking a dramatic change. However, the harsh chemicals involved can damage hair cuticles and cause breakage if not done properly. But how much post-bleaching hair loss is considered normal?

How Much Hair Loss is Normal After Bleaching?

Losing 50-100 hairs per day after lightening or bleaching hair is within the normal range. Losing more than that over an extended period likely indicates excessive damage requiring treatment adjustments.

Daily Shedding Range

Up to 100 hairs lost per day is average hair shed and not necessarily bleaching-related.

Short-Term Increase

In the first week after bleaching, a brief spike to 200-300 hairs daily can occur as weaker hairs fall out.

Excessive Loss

If shedding exceeds 300 hairs per day for more than 2 weeks, it’s likely a sign of damage requiring intervention.

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Factors that Influence Post-Bleaching Hair Loss

Certain factors can make hair more prone to damage and breakage after bleaching:

Bleaching Frequency

Over-bleaching too often weakens hair over time.

Existing Damage

Hair already compromised by heat styling is more vulnerable.

Chemical Processing Method

Foil highlighting causes less damage than full bleaching.

Hair Type and Texture

Thick, coarse hair handles bleach better than fine, color-treated strands.

Post-Bleaching Hair Care

Proper deep conditioning and gentle handling reduces breakage.

Tips to Minimize Hair Loss After Bleaching

You can help mitigate bleaching-related damage and shedding by:

Getting a Test Strand

Testing bleach on a small section first to assess vulnerability.

Using Lower Volume Developer

A 10 or 20 volume cream causes less damage than 30+.

Choosing an Experienced Colorist

Having it done professionally helps avoid overlapping and over-processing.

Using Bonding Additives

Bond-building treatments added to bleach reinforce hairs.

Deep Conditioning After

Hydrating masks replenish moisture and protein post-bleach.

When to Be Concerned About Hair Loss After Bleaching

See your dermatologist or stylist if you experience:

Excessive Daily Shedding

Losing 300+ hairs daily for over 2 weeks.

Increased Thinning

Noticeably thinner density after previous bleaching sessions.

Scalp Irritation or Burns

Signs of abrasion, redness, stinging, or pustules indicating a reaction.

Broken Hairs Near Scalp

Snapped hairs close to the root signify damage.

The Bottom Line

With careful application and post-care, losing 50-100 hairs daily after bleaching is normal and not a major cause for concern. But minimizing damage through expert technique, conditioning, and avoiding over-processing helps prevent excessive breakage.

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