How I Stopped Balding and Regrew My Hair at Age 30

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One year ago,I was frustrated and felt depressed. At barely 30, I was losing my hair at a speed I’d never seen before. At first, my hair was slowly getting thinner by the day. I wasn’t very worried, to be honest. 

But then, at some point, my hair started to fall like dead leaves, and before I knew it, I had visible bald spots on my scalp in my late twenties… 

I started to avoid the cameras at family parties and felt down looking in the mirror, always bringing my hair styling products with me as my hair looked worse and worse. 

Even knowing that my genetics were against my hair when I started noticing how bad things were getting, I was in shock. My confidence plummeted. Every strand of dead hair that I saw in the shower drain was like a daily reminder that my prime years had passed. That I was irreversibly becoming an older, duller, less attractive version of myself. 

I didn’t know what to do, and the prospect of becoming bald terrified me. I knew that there were some hair-loss drugs available on the market, but I didn’t want to try them out as I was pretty scared of the side effects... Spending a fortune on a hair transplant in Turkey also wasn’t appealing, as the people I know who had the transplant quickly returned to thinning hair after the surgery. 

But by doing some research, I came across a natural hair loss solution that ended up being very effective in repopulating my head with hair, without major side effects. I was extremely sceptical at first… But in retrospect, I’m glad I gave it a try.

In less than three months of use, I already had way more hair on my scalp, and my hair looked much healthier and thicker. Now, after one year, I have a head full of thick hair, and the texture and feel of my hair keep getting better every day, as you can see in the picture below. 

Hi my name is Niels, I’m 32 years old, and in this article, I’d like to share with you how this natural hair loss solution helped me grow my hair back relatively quickly without any side effects. Had I come across an article like that last year, I would have been naturally sceptical. But since this solution worked so well for me, I thought maybe sharing my honest opinion on this solution could help other people regrow their hair and regain their confidence as well.

The day I realised I was turning bald…

I always thought hair loss only happened to others. Whenever I saw an ad about a new hair loss treatment on Facebook or Youtube, I thought: “Yeah, maybe I’ll give it a try in my late 50s if I’m desperate to keep my hair on”.

In my mid-twenties, I still had thick, good-looking hair, so I felt no reason to be worried about hair loss. I really took my hair for granted, like most people of my age. But then, around age 28, I noticed that my hair started getting thinner and thinner. When my head was exposed to bright light, for instance, I could clearly see my scalp, and I noticed that the space between each hair strand was getting wider and wider. To be honest, I wasn’t very worried. My haircut still looked pretty good in public, so I didn’t give much attention to it. 

But then one day, for no particular reason, my hair started to fall very fast. Every time I showered, I could see more and more dead strands of hair down the shower drain, and I had to shake my pillow before sleeping to remove the dead hair. (I’ll share in a moment how I found a solution to this hair loss nightmare)… 

Losing hair certainly had a big impact on my confidence, when I started to see that my hair was just getting thinner and thinner. I was actually getting super sad about it, and I really thought about when it was the right time to trim it off, and I was thinking a lot about how I would look if I was completely bald. 

I’ve always kept the same hairstyle - a natural look, handsome but sweet and welcoming with slightly more length on the top. It reflects my personality and is part of who I am. As a manager, it’s important for me to meet people openly. Being quite tall, I was afraid of how that would change if I trimmed my head, which would make me look way more “hardcore” or even frightening. 

And I really thought about, what picture is it that I would see of myself in the mirror every day, would I end up with a big bald spot on top of my head. It is really not motivating to start feeling that your hair is just getting thinner and thinner and your hairline is just receding. 

I really thought a lot about just taking the trimmer and removing the hair completely and then this would just be my new look, but I simply could not make myself do it. 

I was in shock. I really didn’t see that coming. And the worst thing is: I wasn’t applying any products to my hair, and I wasn’t sick or anything. So this rapid hair fall coming from nowhere really freaked me out. I thought: “What is wrong with me? Is it because I’m too stressed? Do I have some kind of hidden disease? Common, this can’t be happening to me…”. For the first time, in my late twenties, I realized that I could in fact lose my hair, like many other men of my age. 

Then, by doing some quick research on Google, I learned that more than 50% of men start losing their hair in their mid-twenties, and two-thirds of them already have bald spots on their scalp before the age of 35… 

On the one hand, this made me feel a bit better about myself. On the other hand, I realized that I may not have much time left before I turn bald… 

When I realized that I may be about to become bald before age 30, I was feeling really sad. 

And that’s when…

I went on a quest to find a solution to reduce hair loss

Like everybody else, I obviously heard about all these hair loss treatments like minoxidil, for example. And my hairline was receding so fast that the idea of trying these treatments naturally crossed my mind. 

But at the same time, I didn't feel very comfortable with the dreadful potential side effects that these drugs can produce.

It didn’t seem like a very good deal to me… But I still had to find a solution. So I looked online for natural hair loss solutions with minimal side effects, and I came across a natural hair growth kit from a Danish company called “Scandinavian Biolabs”. 

When I saw it, I was extremely sceptical. I had been bombarded with Facebook and Youtube ads on hair loss over the past months, so every time I saw the words “hair loss solution”, my brain instantly went into “defence mode”.

But since the product had hundreds of 5-star reviews from people just like me, I decided to click on the link to learn more about their product. The fact that the products were made in Denmark also gave me some comfort, as I know the high-quality standards. According to their website, their natural formula uses a plant-based ingredient called “Capilia Longa”, which has been found in studies to grow hair even faster than minoxidil, without the side effects of the drug. 

From what I understood, it works by boosting the production of a hormone called “IGF-1”, which is responsible for promoting the growth of new hair on our scalp. Then I saw that they offered a 150-day money-back guarantee. So I thought: “What do I have to lose?”. If it works, great. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just ask for my money back. 

I ordered the hair kit, and received it at my home a few days later. It was well packaged, and the instructions for the hair growth routine seemed very clear to me. The hair growth kit was composed of three main elements: a shampoo, a conditioner, and a serum (which contains the natural hair-boosting ingredient they call “Capilia Longa”).

Hair Growth Routine | For Men
Hair Growth Routine | For Men
Formulated to combat shedding & signs of balding

I used the full Routine with the Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum and since I had some hair it just made really good sense to also take the Shampoo and Conditioner to take full care of what I already had. And also I felt like it was kind of a Journey by selecting the bundle with all the three products combined. 

It actually feels like it is a normal daily routine for me, just like I think about eating healthy and doing my exercises, and that was also how I thought about taking care of my hair. I just thought it should be a new lifestyle for me. Personally, I believe that in order to change something about yourself - whether your health, shape or even your hair growth, it requires a routine. No quick fixes really last. 

“I know those hair growth products can take some time to act because it takes time to restart the activity of hair follicles. So I kept following this quick routine every day or two for about three months. And after three months, I must say the results were above my initial expectations!”— Niels, Denmark 

My honest review of the Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth kit

I took a photo after three months of treatment to judge the difference. And as you can see in the pictures below, the difference is quite significant!

After only three months, my hair was much thicker, much denser, and I didn’t even need to cover them anymore because the balding spots were basically gone. I felt so grateful for having discovered this solution. Not only was I able to grow my hair back, but also I didn’t have to deal with any side effects, which was my main concern initially. 

So given these very positive results, I obviously didn't feel the need to ask for my money back. I subscribed to their hair growth routine so that I could continue to grow and maintain a head full of thick, healthy hair going forward. Plus they offer a 37% discount for people who subscribe to the kit, so I saved money in the process. This is both convenient for me to maintain the routine so I don’t run out, and also more affordable. 

I’ve been using the routine for almost a year now, and I am very satisfied with the results. My hair has never been so thick and dense in years. It felt like I regained the naturally thick, beautiful hair I used to have when I was 20, and this has been an absolute game-changer for my confidence. So I’m really glad I gave the Scandinavian Biolabs’ hair growth routine a try.

To be honest, I feel like I’m shining, which I haven’t felt before. I feel great looking at myself in the mirror and happy smile in family photos again. 

So if you’re starting to lose your hair, or if you suspect that your hair is getting thinner, I have only one piece of advice for you: give it a try, and see if it works for you. The earlier you try it, the higher the chances it will work. If you’re already nearly completely bald, it’s unlikely that this solution will help you. 

But the kit has hundreds of reviews of other people like me saying that this formula completely solved their hair loss problems, so there’s a chance it might work for you as well. Worse case, you try it, you’re not happy with the results, and you get your money back.

Anyway, I hope you found this review helpful, and I wish you to keep a head full of healthy hair for as long as possible.


Hair Growth Routine | For Men
Hair Growth Routine | For Men
Formulated to combat shedding & signs of balding