Hair Styling 101 - Combat Autumn Austerity In Style

WrittenbyLuat Duong
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Autumn is in full swing, and if the weather where you live is just half as chilly and windy as here in Scandinavia, your hair may scream for some much-needed love.

Whether you're looking to tame your strands in the wind, give them extra nourishment or protection, we've got you covered. Because who said bad weather has to equal bad hair days?

Steal these tricks from our latest styling session to help you combat the autumn austerity in style.

Create a natural hold with the Hair Styling Gel







Give your hair extra love with the Hair Hydration Mask





Help tame frizz & flyaways with the Hair Protection Oil








Luat Duong

Luat Duong is a Copenhagen-based writer and content strategist specializing in hair loss and health. His work has been featured in MyHealthGuide, The Right Hairstyles, and Woman's Era. He is a graduate of Vaasa University. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.