1500 Grafts Hair Transplant: Understanding the Procedure and Expectations

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A 1500 graft hair transplant procedure allows doctors to provide coverage of moderate to extensive balding areas for a natural, full appearance. It represents a popular graft volume selected by those desiring reliable density restoration.

1500 grafts hair transplant

During the surgery, 1500 follicular units containing 1-4 hairs each are extracted from the permanent donor regions. They are implanted into thinning sites, often in multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

Typical Coverage

1500 grafts can restore a Norwood Class IV-VI or Ludwig 1-2 level loss with frontalHairline reshaping and fullness to crown. It may not be sufficient for severe, diffuse shedding.

Number of Sessions

One long session of 1000 grafts followed by a touch-up of 500 grafts months later is common. Very skilled surgeons may complete 1500 grafts over 2 consecutive days.

Healing & Downtime

Similar to 1000 grafts with scabbing resolving within 1 week. Low impact exercise okay after 10 days. New hair growth takes 6-12 months to mature fully.


Additional 500-1000 graft procedures every few years maintain restored confidence. Supplements support continued thickness between FUE touch-ups.


Done skillfully, a multi-session 1500 graft restoration can last decades while still allowing for future refinement if hairline shifting occurs naturally.

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