Does Joshua Dobbs Have Alopecia? Insights into His Hair Journey

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Joshua Dobbs is a former NFL quarterback who played college football at Tennessee. During his football career, many fans noticed his distinct hairloss pattern and wondered if he had alopecia.

Does Joshua Dobbs have alopecia?

While Dobbs has experienced significant hair thinning, he has not publicly stated a diagnosis of alopecia. The hair loss pattern matches male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

Background on Dobbs' Hair Loss

Photos show Dobbs with a well-defined bald spot on the crown of his head as early as his college playing days in the mid-2010s. The thinning progressed over the years.

Traits Match Androgenetic Alopecia

The classic "horseshoe" or " monk's tonsure" bald pattern centered at the top and back of the head is typical of the most common form of hair loss - male or female pattern baldness.

Genetics Could be a Factor

Androgenetic alopecia has strong hereditary links. Seeing one's father or paternal uncles experience similar loss increases an individual's risk for the condition.

Not Necessarily Alopecia Areata

While not confirmed either way, Dobbs' gradual thinning is more consistent with male pattern baldness rather than alopecia areata's random patchy hair shedding.

Celebrities Bring Awareness

High-profile figures like Dobbs who embrace their hair loss can help normalize it and encourage young men to proactively address changes early through treatments.

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