How to Stop Hair Loss After Relaxer? Protecting Your Hair from Chemical Damage

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Chemical relaxers can cause damage to hair that leads to breakage and thinning over time. If you notice increased shedding after getting a relaxer treatment, there are steps you can take to halt hair loss and help your strands recover.

How to Stop Hair Loss After a Relaxer

To stop hair shedding after a relaxer, get regular trims to remove split ends, do weekly deep conditioning treatments, avoid heat styling, take breaks between relaxers, and protect hair in low manipulation styles while the damage recovers.

Get Regular Trims

Trim off split ends to prevent further breakage.

Deep Condition Weekly

Use nourishing masks and treatments to replenish moisture.

Avoid Direct Heat

Allow hair to air dry rather than blow drying or using hot tools.

Take Breaks Between Relaxers

Wait at least 12 weeks between applications to minimize damage.

Protect Hair in Low Manipulation Styles

Braids, twists and buns prevent snagging and friction on delicate strands.

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Why Relaxers Can Lead to Hair Loss

Here are some ways relaxers can cause thinning and shedding:

Removes Hair's Internal Structure

Chemical processing damages and weakens strands.

Leaves Hair Dry and Brittle

Harsh chemicals strip natural oils, elasticity and moisture from hair.

Increases Shedding

Fragile, overprocessed hair is prone to excessive breakage.

Slows Hair Growth

Damage prevents hair from growing to its normal length before it breaks.

Can Irritate Scalp

Chemical irritation impairs healthy follicle function.

Tips for Recovery After Relaxer

Here are some tips to help hair bounce back after a relaxer:

Clarifying Wash

Remove leftover chemical residue with a clarifying shampoo.

Reconstructing Treatment

Use products with keratin, olive oil, or silk amino acids.

Take Biotin

Biotin supplements strengthen keratin to reduce fragility.

Silicone-Free Conditioner

Avoid silicone that can build up on already delicate strands.

No Tight Styles

Don't pull hair tightly back until it recovers strength.

When to Seek Professional Help

See your stylist or doctor if:

Hair Loss Persists

Shedding continues despite at-home treatments.

Sudden Balding Develops

Bald patches may indicate serious chemical damage.

Scalp Changes Occur

Bumps, redness, burning or itching develops.

Breakage Won't Stop

Hair keeps breaking off before it can grow back in.

The Bottom Line

Being gentle and avoiding chemical straightening for a period allows overprocessed hair to recover. But see a professional if serious breakage shows no sign of stopping.

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