How to Cover a Bald Spot with Makeup: Techniques & Tips

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Whether due to temporary hair loss or permanent balding, bald spots can often cause distress and affect self-confidence. Luckily, with the right tools and techniques, makeup can be a handy solution for camouflaging these areas. This guide provides you with comprehensive instructions on how to cover a bald spot with makeup, helping you regain your confidence.

How to cover a bald spot with makeup?

Covering a bald spot with makeup involves choosing the right products and applying them correctly. Start by choosing a foundation that matches your scalp's color, ideally one or two shades darker. A good concealer, one or two shades lighter than your foundation, can also be effective. Using an eyeshadow brush or a fluffy makeup brush, gently dab the foundation onto your bald spot, followed by the concealer. For an even more natural look, consider using a mineral facial powder or specific hair-color matching products. Remember to blot the area with a tissue or oil blot paper before application to help the makeup stay longer. If you're hesitant about using makeup regularly, consider exploring traditional hair loss treatment options.

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Additional Tips for Covering Bald Spots with Makeup

While the basic technique is simple, there are additional tips to enhance the effectiveness of makeup for covering bald spots:

  • Use Specialized Products: Some products like sprays and powders are specifically designed for scalp makeup. They often stay in place longer and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • Mind Your Hair Color: Ensure the makeup color matches your hair color. This helps to make the coverage look more natural and less noticeable.
  • Avoid Clogging: Overusing makeup can lead to clogging of the scalp, which can potentially worsen hair loss. Use makeup sparingly and cleanse your scalp regularly.
  • Practice: As with all makeup techniques, practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if the results aren't perfect initially. Over time, you'll learn how to achieve the best results for your unique bald spot.


While makeup can be a helpful tool in covering bald spots, it's important to remember that it's a temporary solution. If you're dealing with ongoing hair loss, it may be worthwhile to consult with a hair loss specialist to explore long-term solutions. Regardless, knowing how to cover a bald spot with makeup can be a confidence booster when you need it the most. Remember to practice self-love and acceptance, as everyone's beauty is unique and goes beyond hair volume or the lack thereof.

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