What Is the Best Hair Product for a Comb Over? Top Picks

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If you're looking to perfect your comb over hairstyle, the right hair product can make all the difference. But with countless options available, you may find yourself wondering, "What is the best hair product for a comb over?" We've done the research and gathered the top suggestions to help you choose the ideal product for your styling needs.

What is the Best Hair Product for a Comb Over?

When styling a comb over, a good water-based styling product with a medium to firm hold is often the top choice. This provides that slicked-back feel essential to a neat comb over. For a looser comb over style with more volume, opt for a matte-finish product like a non-greasy pomade or wax. However, if you're aiming for a sleek shine, an oil-based pomade could be your best bet.

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Different Comb Over Styles and Suitable Products

There are several comb over styles you might consider, each requiring specific hair products for the best results. For example, a classic comb over or a comb over with a high fade works best with a firm hold product, while a comb over with wavy or curly hair might benefit from a more flexible pomade. For a loose comb over, a matte finish achieved with a small amount of hair wax could be the perfect choice.

Applying Hair Product for a Comb Over

When applying your chosen hair product, start by washing and drying your hair. Then, work the product evenly through your hair. Use a comb to create the desired style, moving from one side of your head to the other. Hairspray can also be used to hold the comb over in place and give a final touch to your hairstyle.


Choosing the right hair product is vital to achieve the perfect comb over style. Whether you're going for a slick, classic comb over or a loose, casual look, there's a product to suit your needs. Remember to consider the style you're aiming for, your hair type, and your personal preference when deciding what is the best hair product for a comb over. As always, it's worth experimenting with different products to find the one that works best for you.

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