Why Does My Hair Grow Upwards? Factors Affecting Hair Growth

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Ever wondered, "why does my hair grow upwards?" If so, this article is for you. Hair growth direction is influenced by various factors such as hair type, the products you use, and even the nature of your hair follicles. Let's delve into these factors in detail.

Why Does My Hair Grow Upwards?

Upward hair growth can be attributed to a combination of your hair type, the direction of hair growth from your scalp, and the weight of your hair. Curly and kinky hair types, in particular, tend to grow upwards or outwards until they have enough weight to fall downwards. Additionally, the use of certain hair products and humidity can also influence the direction of your hair growth.

Factors Influencing Upwards Hair Growth

Hair Type

Upwards hair growth is common in tight curl patterns, especially hair types 3c and up. This is because the oval shape of the hair follicle in people with curly or wavy hair causes the hair to grow in a curved or S-shaped pattern. In essence, it's in the nature of curly hair to be "large and in charge".

Product Use

Heavy products or those containing silicone can make your hair greasy and stick together, causing an upward growth pattern. Such products might alter the direction of your hair growth, leading to the "stick-up" phenomenon.

The Grain of Your Hair

The natural direction in which your hair falls from your scalp, also known as the "grain" of your hair, can cause your hair to stick up and resist being combed down, particularly if you go against it. It's worth noting that the direction of growth can vary across different areas of your scalp.

What Can Be Done About Upward Hair Growth?

While it's impossible to change the natural direction of your hair growth, understanding your hair type and the way your hair naturally grows can help you choose appropriate hair care products and styles. It might take time, especially for shorter hair lengths, to grow long enough to weigh down and change the perceived direction of growth. Hence, patience is key.


"Why does my hair grow upwards?" is a question many of us ask. The answer lies in understanding our unique hair type, the grain of our hair, and the effects of the products we use. While we can't drastically alter the direction of our hair growth, we can make informed choices to manage and care for our hair in a way that embraces its natural tendencies.

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