Do Hair Growth Gummies Work?

Medically reviewed by Dr. Mariyam Fatima M.B.B.S.
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Coming highly endorsed by influencers, the Kardashians being at the center of it, these hair growth gummies/vitamins are getting tons of international press coverage with global influencers promoting them on social media.

It helps too that they look very Instagrammable with their pretty packaging and cute colorful gummy ‘candies’. These supplements claim they’re beneficial to hair growth.

But is it just a marketing fad?

With its digital hype, we can’t blame you if you’ll gravitate towards social proof and think that it’s got to be one of the most effective hair supplements out there.

This is especially true if you’re someone who has tried several hair treatment products and supplements but has continuously been disappointed time and time again. 

So, are these hair gummies the real deal and solution to our hair woes?

Or is this just another social media hype that doesn’t bring any additional benefits?


  1. Do hair growth gummies work?
  2. Is there a better alternative for hair growth?
  3. What's inside hair growth gummies?

Do Hair Growth Gummies Work?

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Here’s something these hair growth gummies aren’t telling you. Just like any skin supplements that won’t target your face alone but your arms, legs, and other parts of the body, hair growth supplements will affect all hair follicles, according to Corina Chrysler, a clinical nutritionist based on the US.

Everything - regardless if it’s on your face, head, arms, or legs. Yikes! 

When we take vitamins and supplements, our body absorbs the nutrients to boost whatever is needed improving. The action is targeted but it can’t target just one part of the body alone. Leg hair, facial hair, and the hair on our head are all hair.

What Alternatives Are There?

So you want hair growth, and you want convenience.

What if there's a product that'll seamlessly integrate into your daily routine - that you'd not even remember it's there after a few days?

That's what our goal is with our Hair Growth Routine.

A routine that is fuss-free, convenient and effective.

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What’s Inside Hair Growth Gummies?

A well-known brand of hair gummies supplements claims that we only need two of its gummy bears per day to ‘meet our hair goals’. However, there are no scientific studies backing up these declarations nor are they evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Additionally, most hair growth gummies are packed with Biotin, a water-soluble B-vitamin (also called B7 or vitamin H). This means our body doesn’t store it.

It’s vital in cellular metabolism as it breaks down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and transforms them into energy. We usually get its daily dose with food such as eggs, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and leafy green vegetables. 

Although Biotin is popular among hair growth gummies supplements, there are limited clinical studies backing up claims that it indeed renders improvements in hair thickness and growth.

Dr. Tod Cooperman of, the US leading independent evaluator of dietary supplements and nutritional products, states that ‘there are no studies to suggest biotin supplementation improves hair growth or texture in people who are not deficient in biotin.’

To put it in a nutshell, if you’re not biotin-deficient, there’s no need to spend your money in purchasing a bottle of hair growth gummies supplements. It won’t give you any additional benefits than what you are already getting from your regular diet. 


Mariyam Fatima M.B.B.S. is working as PGR (Post Graduate Resident/Registrar) of Internal Medicine in Nishtar Hospital Multan - one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan. She belongs to the rare progeny of healthcare professionals registered with the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) as Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs). In her free time, she’s a reader and an aspiring author.