UK's Best 9 Derma Rollers for Hair Growth in 2024: Ranked & Reviewed

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Looking to boost hair growth in 2024? Derma rollers are a top choice in the UK for their effectiveness and ease of use.

This guide covers the UK's best 9 derma rollers for hair growth, helping you find the perfect one to achieve luscious locks.

What is a derma roller?

derma roller uk

A derma roller is a handheld skincare device equipped with a roller head that's covered in tiny, fine needles. It is used on the scalp to create tiny punctures, which are intended to stimulate the body's wound-healing response. 

This process can potentially increase blood circulation, improve nutrient delivery to hair follicles, and encourage the production of growth factors that support hair regeneration.

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9 best derma rollers in the UK 

  • Scalp Activation Roller by Scandinavian Biolabs - Best for combating hair loss (540 titanium 0.5mm needles)
  • BeautyBio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy - Best for comprehensive hair thinning solution (includes nutrient-packed serum and red light technology)
  • Lexi White Beauty Derma Roller - Best for affordability and portability (sleek black design)
  • ROSELYNBOUTIQUE Derma Roller - Best for versatility (suitable for scalp, facial skin, and beards)
  • ELEVATE Derma Roller Kit - Best comprehensive kit (includes essential oil and silicone scalp massager)
  • Lolysenta Derma Roller - Best for beginners (0.25mm needles, dual functionality)
  • THAPPINK Derma Roller - Best for advanced users (540 0.5mm needles, includes travel storage)
  • Sdara Skincare Derma Roller - Best for sensitive scalps (540 titanium 0.25mm needles)
  • PUR Botanicals Derma Roller & Ice Roller Set - Best value set (combines derma roller with ice roller for soothing effects)

1. Scalp Activation Roller By Scandinavian Biolabs

best derma roller uk

The Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Activation Roller is a standout derma roller designed for those serious about combating hair loss and stimulating hair growth. 

Equipped with 540 titanium 0.5mm needles, this tool is engineered to invigorate the scalp, fostering an environment conducive to fuller, healthier hair. 

The durability and quality of materials used in its construction promise longevity and safety, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Its design allows for easy home use, providing professional-level scalp treatments without the high costs associated with salons or clinics. 

With the potential to see noticeable improvements within just 3-4 months of consistent use, the Scalp Activation Roller by Scandinavian Biolabs offers a practical, effective solution for those looking to restore their hair's vitality from the comfort of their home. 

Scalp Activation Derma Roller
Scalp Activation Derma Roller
A hand-held microneedling tool intended to stimulate the scalp and encourage fuller hair

2. BeautyBio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy

BeautyBio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy

The BeautyBio kit is a comprehensive solution for those experiencing early signs of hair thinning or postpartum hair loss. 

It features a nutrient-packed serum enriched with loquat leaf, rosebay extract, larch tree, camellia leaf extract, and zinc, aimed at boosting hair density and balancing scalp oil production. 

The GloPro scalp microneedling tool is ergonomically designed to fit the scalp's contours, equipped with red light technology to enhance the healing process. 

Users have reported a reduction in scalp flakiness and an enjoyable, massage-like experience during use, with optimal results expected after two months of consistent use. 

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3. Lexi White Beauty Derma Roller

Lexi White Beauty Derma Roller

The Lexi White Beauty Derma Roller stands out for its affordability and ease of use. Its sleek, black design is not only visually appealing but also functional, offering a comfortable grip for at-home treatments. 

The roller's portability adds to its appeal, allowing for convenient use anywhere. Ideal for those seeking a simple yet effective tool for hair rejuvenation, this derma roller promises a cost-effective alternative to professional treatments. 

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The ROSELYNBOUTIQUE Derma Roller is lauded for its versatility, suitable for enhancing not only the scalp but also facial skin and beards. 

This painless tool comes in a sterile package, ensuring safety and hygiene. It's designed to maximize the efficacy of skincare products, making it a valuable addition to any beauty regimen for those aiming to stimulate hair growth or improve skin texture. 

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5. ELEVATE Derma Roller Kit

ELEVATE Derma Roller Kit

This kit is a favorite due to its comprehensive offering, which includes a derma roller with 540 titanium needles, a natural essential oil, and a silicone scalp massager. 

Designed for comfort and effectiveness, this kit provides a holistic approach to hair growth, ensuring a painless experience with its short-needle roller. 

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6. Lolysenta Derma Roller

Lolysenta Derma Roller

Ideal for beginners, the Lolysenta Derma Roller is an affordable option with 0.25mm needles, ensuring a gentle introduction to microneedling.

Its dual functionality as both a scalp and facial derma roller, coupled with a convenient storage case, makes it a practical choice for those new to derma rolling. 

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7. THAPPINK Derma Roller

THAPPINK Derma Roller

For those ready to advance to longer needles, the THAPPINK Derma Roller offers 540 0.5mm needles suitable for both facial hair and scalp use. 

While the longer needles may lead to a sensation akin to a mild sunburn, this is a typical response to microneedling, and the included travel storage adds to its appeal. 

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8. Sdara Skincare Derma Roller

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller

The Sdara Skincare Derma Roller is designed for those venturing into the world of microneedling, featuring 540 titanium needles at a length of 0.25mm for a gentle yet effective treatment. 

This roller is celebrated for its dual benefits: stimulating hair growth and improving scalp health. 

Its popularity stems from its gentle approach, making it an ideal choice for beginners or individuals with sensitive scalps who are cautious about microneedling. 

The Sdara roller is a testament to simplicity and efficacy in scalp care, promising not only to foster growth but also to nurture the overall health of the scalp and hair. 

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9. PUR Botanicals Derma Roller & Ice Roller Set

PUR Botanicals Derma Roller & Ice Roller Set

The PUR Botanicals set offers exceptional value, combining the benefits of a derma roller with the soothing effects of an ice roller. 

Highly praised for its effectiveness and affordability, this set stands out for the versatility it brings to skincare and scalp care routines. 

The derma roller is designed to enhance skin and scalp health, while the ice roller provides a cooling massage, perfect for reducing inflammation and puffiness. 

It's worth noting that if you plan to use the derma roller on your face, the ice roller should not be used immediately afterward to avoid irritation. 

Moreover, the set is available in a variety of appealing colors, adding a personalized touch to your beauty regimen. 

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How to choose the best derma roller in the UK?

Choosing the best derma roller in the UK requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure safety, effectiveness, and suitability for your specific needs, especially when it comes to hair growth.

Needle lengths

The length of the needles on a derma roller is crucial, particularly for hair growth purposes. Typically, derma rollers with needle lengths of 0.5 mm are recommended for the scalp as they can stimulate the area effectively without causing undue discomfort. 

It's important to select the right needle length based on your specific goals and scalp sensitivity.


Needles on derma rollers are generally made from stainless steel or titanium. Titanium needles are favored for their strength and durability, making them a great long-term investment. 

However, medical-grade stainless steel is also a good option, especially if you prefer a material that's commonly used in medical devices for its safety and reliability.

Brand reputation

Choosing a derma roller from a reputable brand is essential to ensure you're getting a high-quality and safe product. A well-regarded brand often guarantees that the derma roller has undergone rigorous testing and quality control. 

Reading user reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the roller's performance and the company's customer service, helping you make an informed decision.

Ease of use

The design and ergonomics of a derma roller can greatly impact its ease of use and the overall experience. Look for rollers with comfortable handles and smooth-rolling action to ensure a consistent and hassle-free application. 

A user-friendly derma roller makes it easier to maintain a regular microneedling routine, which is key to achieving the desired results.

Additional features

Some derma rollers come with extra features such as interchangeable heads for different needle lengths, built-in sanitation systems, or even light therapy options. 

These added functionalities can enhance the microneedling process, offering more personalized and effective treatments tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

A better approach for your overall hair health

hair growth serum

The Bio-Pilixin Serum is a cutting-edge solution designed by hair care experts to tackle hair loss while promoting new hair growth. 

Leveraging the power of advanced stem cell technology, it incorporates plant growth factors specifically chosen to nourish hair follicles and stimulate hair regrowth. 

Clinically tested, this serum has shown promising results in reducing hair loss in as little as 45 days.

Its formulation is a blend of high-quality, rigorously reviewed ingredients, ensuring efficacy and safety. Among its key components is Capilia Longa, a natural compound acclaimed for significantly reducing hair loss and enhancing hair density. 

Additionally, the serum is enriched with niacinamide and vaniyl butyl ether, known for their supportive roles in hair health.

True to its nature-inspired philosophy, the Bio-Pilixin Serum is 100% vegan, with active ingredients that are either naturally derived or bio-identically produced to ensure purity and potency. 

This serum represents a harmonious blend of science and nature, offering a holistic approach to improving overall hair health and vitality.

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested


In 2024, derma rollers are a standout tool for enhancing hair growth and health. This guide highlighted the top 9 derma rollers available in the UK, each with unique features to meet various needs, from addressing early hair thinning to improving scalp health.

The Scalp Activation Roller by Scandinavian Biolabs is particularly notable for its expert design and effectiveness. When choosing a derma roller, consider factors like needle length, material, brand reputation, and ease of use for a safe and effective experience.

For optimal results, complement your derma rolling routine with advanced hair care solutions like the Bio-Pilixin® Serum from Scandinavian Biolabs, designed to reduce hair loss and encourage new growth.

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested


Which derma roller needle size is better for hair growth, 0.5mm or 1.0mm?

A 1.0mm derma roller is generally considered more effective for hair growth, especially for addressing hair loss. The longer needles can better penetrate through existing hair to reach the scalp, which is crucial for stimulating the follicles. A 0.5mm roller may be used in areas with minimal hair, but typically, 1.0mm provides better results for hair regeneration.

How can I regrow my receding hairline?

While completely stopping a receding hairline may not be possible, various strategies can help maintain fuller hair. These include eating a balanced diet, considering medications like minoxidil, exploring herbal remedies, using gentle hair care products, applying essential oils, managing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels, and reducing stress and anxiety to minimize further hair loss.

Can I apply oil immediately after using a derma roller on my scalp?

Yes, it's recommended to apply an oil, such as castor oil, after derma rolling. This practice is best done at night, allowing the oil to stay on the scalp overnight for maximum absorption. The oil can help enhance hair growth and the healing process post-microneedling.


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