Scandinavian Biolabs Vs Copenhagen Grooming: Which One Is Better For You?

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In the heart of Copenhagen lies a treasure trove of brands that combine minimalist design with potent functionality. 

Today, we're diving deep into the realm of Scandinavian hair care and grooming to compare two titans: Scandinavian Biolabs and Copenhagen Grooming. 

Whether you're looking to fortify your locks or groom your beard to perfection, this comparative analysis will guide you in choosing the brand that aligns most with your needs. 

Let's embark on this Nordic journey to discover which one might just be the better fit for you.

What is Scandinavian Biolabs?

scandinavian biolabs

Scandinavian Biolabs is a Danish company renowned for its natural hair growth solutions. Using bio-harmonic ingredients, they emphasize innovation and transparency throughout their production process. Their mission is to combat hair loss and promote robust hair growth for their users.

Why you can trust Scandinavian Biolabs?
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How does Scandinavian Biolabs work?

Scandinavian Biolabs operates with its hallmark product, the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum. Here are some characteristics of this serum: 

Holistic approach to hair loss

Unlike conventional treatments that might rely on chemicals or synthetic ingredients, the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum stands out with its naturally inspired, vegan formulation. 

It goes beyond surface-level care by nourishing the scalp and fortifying the hair.

Mechanism of action

  • Blood circulation enhancement: One of the primary reasons behind hair thinning and loss is poor blood circulation in the scalp. By boosting this, the serum ensures that hair follicles receive ample nutrients and oxygen, vital for hair growth. 
  • Stem cell technology: This modern approach harnesses plant growth factors, ensuring that hair follicles receive the most potent form of nourishment, leading to revitalized hair growth.

Key highlights

  • Clinically tested results: Studies show encouraging signs of hair growth within 45 days.. Such a quick turnaround in the realm of hair growth is impressive, given some of its natural origins.
  • High satisfaction rate: A 93% satisfaction rate not only indicates the product's effectiveness but also its consistency in delivering results across different users.
  • Rigorous ingredient selection: The brand's commitment to quality shines through its ingredient selection process. Relying on scientific research and clinical trials ensures that users receive the benefits of tried-and-tested compounds such as Capilia Longa, niacinamide, zinc, etc.
  • Nature meets science: On top of naturally derived ingredients, it also employs ingredients that have been scientifically researched to work.

Scandinavian Biolabs clinical results

The results of a 150-day clinical trial:

  • 97% experience less hair loss
  • 93% had a clinically tested reduction in hair loss
  • 73% had a clinically tested increase in hair density

What is Copenhagen Grooming?

scandinavian biolabs vs copenhagen grooming

Copenhagen Grooming is a brand dedicated to assisting men in navigating the challenges of modern life, with a particular emphasis on beard growth and skincare. Founded in 2017, their ethos revolves around the principle that effective products don't need to rely on drugs. 

By harnessing the power of nature and innovatively refining it, they aim to boost confidence in their clientele. If you're on the hunt for a robust beard grooming regimen or a potent skincare routine, Copenhagen Grooming offers a genuine and reliable solution.

How does Copenhagen Grooming work?

Copenhagen Grooming employs a specialized product called "The Hair Growth Activator" to aid in hair growth and maintenance. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

The Hair Growth Activator - A deeper insight

The Activator isn't just a typical hair serum; it's a specially formulated solution that directly targets inactive hair follicles. These follicles often lie dormant due to a variety of reasons, from genetics to environmental stressors. 

By assisting in stimulating them, The Activator plays a pivotal role in not just sustaining the hair that's already there but in also encouraging the growth of new strands.

The triple complex - the power trio

  • Capilia Longa: Similarly to Scandinavian Biolabs, CPH Grooming uses Capilia Longa. Capilia Longa acts as a reset button for your hair bulbs, prepping them for a fresh cycle of robust hair growth.
  • Centella Reversa: In the intricate world of hair growth, protection is just as crucial as regeneration. This ingredient, functioning as a robust antioxidant, safeguards the hair against potential damage. Moreover, when combined with tools like the Moonroller, it speeds up the follicle's regeneration, ensuring faster hair growth.
  • Elaya Renova: While hair growth at the root is vital, the health of the hair strand is equally crucial. Elaya Renova works its magic on the hair shaft, ensuring it's not just longer, but thicker, stronger, and more resilient.

Functionality and application

The beauty of The Activator lies in its simplicity. As a topical serum, it's designed for easy application. Its formula seeps deep into the scalp, ensuring that every follicle gets its nourishing touch. 

Consistent application ensures that follicles remain in their growth phase, reducing the chances of premature hair loss.

Backed by science

A product's claims are only as good as the evidence behind them, and Copenhagen Grooming understands this. Their clinical study, spread over 150 days, wasn't just a test of effectiveness, but a testament to the product's promise. 

The results spoke volumes: not only did the active ingredient helps stimulate new hair growth, but it also played a preventive role, ensuring the hair's life cycle was extended, thereby reducing hair loss.

Copenhagen Grooming clinical results

The study concluded an average of:

  • 17,3% improved hair density
  • 57% hair loss reduction
  • 27% increased follicle activation

Scandinavian Biolabs vs Copenhagen Grooming: What are the differences?

Effectiveness for Hair Growth

Both brands offer effective solutions for hair growth backed by clinical studies. However, Scandinavian Biolabs seems to have produced slightly better results in their trials:

  • Scandinavian Biolabs saw a 73% increase in hair density in 150 days.
  • Copenhagen Grooming saw a 17.3% improvement in hair density over the same time period.
  • Scandinavian Biolabs also had a high satisfaction rate at 93%.

When it comes to reducing hair loss, the results are more comparable:

  • Scandinavian Biolabs saw a 93% reduction in hair loss.
  • Copenhagen Grooming saw a 57% reduction in hair loss.

Overall, the clinical evidence suggests Scandinavian Biolabs is marginally more effective to help stimulate new hair growth, while both brands effectively help reduce hair loss.


  • Both brands utilize natural, plant-based ingredients like Capilia Longa.
  • Scandinavian Biolabs also uses niacinamide and zinc while Copenhagen Grooming uses Centella Reversa and Elaya Renova (we couldn't find their ingredient list)
  • The brands take slightly different approaches to hair growth: Scandinavian Biolabs focuses on circulation and stem cell technology, while Copenhagen Grooming helps stimulate dormant follicles.
  • However, both formulas are free of drug-free.

Product Offerings

  • Scandinavian Biolabs specializes primarily in hair loss products for both men and women. Their hero product is the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum.
  • Copenhagen Grooming offers a wider range of beard grooming products, hair care and skin care, and specialty tools like the Moonroller in addition to their hair growth serum.

Price Point

  • Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine starts at €89/639DKK for a one month supply, it gets cheaper with a subscription.
  • Copenhagen Grooming Hair Growth Kit starts at €119/749DKK. It gets cheaper with more quantity.

Comparison table

Category Scandinavian Biolabs Copenhagen Grooming
Hair Growth Results 73% increase in hair density 17.3% increase in hair density
Hair Loss Reduction 93% 57%
Key Ingredients Capilia Longa, niacinamide, zinc Capilia Longa, Centella Reversa, Elaya Renova
Product Offerings Specialized in hair Wider variety including beard and skin care
Price Point €89 €119
Overall More budget, better for targeted hair growth Better variety


Scandinavian Biolabs vs Copenhagen Grooming: Which one is better for you?

In summary, Scandinavian Biolabs seems to edge out Copenhagen Grooming when it comes to hair results, but Copenhagen Grooming offerings have its own attractions. Choose Scandinavian Biolabs for the best hair growth support or Copenhagen Grooming for a complete grooming experience.


As we've journeyed through the intricacies of these brands, it's evident that while they share a common heritage and commitment to natural ingredients, their approaches cater to different segments of the grooming sphere.

Your choice between Scandinavian Biolabs and Copenhagen Grooming will hinge on your specific needs, whether it's comprehensive hair care or specialized beard grooming. Both brands promise quality, efficacy, and a touch of Nordic sophistication. 

Whichever path you choose, it's not just about hair growth—it's about embracing a lifestyle that values nature, science, and the art of self-care.

Embrace your Nordic grooming journey with confidence, knowing you're backed by the best the region has to offer.


Which brand offers vegan products?

Both Scandinavian Biolabs and Copenhagen Grooming prioritize natural ingredients, but Scandinavian Biolabs places emphasis on its vegan-friendly formula. We couldn't find any information on the product page for CPH Grooming regarding vegan ingredients.

Are both brands specifically for men?

While Copenhagen Grooming is primarily tailored for men, especially in the realm of beard growth, Scandinavian Biolabs appeals to a broader audience with solutions for most people.

What's unique about Scandinavian Biolabs' Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum?

The Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum is designed with a balanced approach, combining natural ingredients with innovative methods.

Do these brands have clinical evidence backing their products?

Yes, both brands are backed by scientific research and clinical trials.

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