Does Spearmint Oil Stop Hair Growth? The Surprising Truth

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Spearmint essential oil is used topically by some for its cooling and soothing properties. But can applying it directly to hair and scalp actually slow follicles' growth cycle?

Does spearmint oil stop hair growth?

Studies have not found conclusive evidence that spearmint oil application directly inhibits or permanently halts the hair follicles' natural growth phases long-term for most individuals.

How Spearmint Might Impact Growth

Its carminative menthol helps relax muscles on the scalp which some speculate could temporarily prolong the resting telogen phase when over-applied.

Individual Sensitivity Varies

As with any concentrated essential oil, those with very sensitive scalps may experience higher instances of localized folliculitis that disrupts growth until healing.

Trials Show Mild, Temporary Impact

Animal/human trials note at most a marginal 2-4 week softening effect on coarse hair that resumes normal cycling once spearmint use ends.

Other Factors Dominate Growth

Genetics, hormones, nutrition play a far greater long-term role than potential minor temporary impacts of spearmint’s menthol when used as directed.

Avoid Over-Application

Diluting in a carrier oil and patch testing for allergies reduces irritation risks, which pose more threat of disrupting hair well-being.

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