How to Stop Hair Loss After Pregnancy? Coping with Postpartum Shedding

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It's normal to experience increased shedding in the months after giving birth due to shifting hormone levels. But what can you do to help halt postpartum hair loss and get your strands back to normal?

How to Stop Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Strategies to help end postpartum hair shedding include getting adequate protein, iron and nutrients, trying scalp massages, limiting heat styling, using thicker volumizing products, getting regular trims, taking supplements like biotin and collagen, and being gentle overall with haircare to avoid damage and breakage.

Get Sufficient Protein

Eat 75-100g protein daily from sources like meats, eggs, beans, nuts, and dairy to provide the building blocks for regrowth.

Boost Iron and Nutrients

Increase iron-rich foods or take supplements to support healthy hair follicle cells. Get levels of zinc, vitamin D and B vitamins checked too.

Do Scalp Massages

Massaging the scalp 2-3 times per week boosts blood flow to stimulate follicles.

Limit Heat Styling

Allow hair to air dry and avoid heated tools like blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons which damage strands.

Use Volumizing Products

Volumizing shampoos, mousses and sprays help visually thicken hair.

Trim Split Ends

Get regular trims to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and minimize breakage.

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Why Does Hair Fall Out After Pregnancy?

Shedding increases postpartum due to:

  • Rapid drop in estrogen levels
  • Stress from delivery
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Shift from growth phase to resting phase
As hormone levels rebalance, the excessive shedding tapers off.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Hair begins shedding around 1-5 months after delivery, peaks at 3-6 months, then usually resolves within 6-12 months as hormones rebalance.

Does Hair Grow Back After Postpartum Loss?

Yes, the hair follicles remain intact so regular regrowth resumes once the shedding phase passes. It may take 6-9 months to regain normal density.

When to See a Doctor

Consult your doctor if shedding lasts beyond 12 months postpartum or you notice patchy spots. This indicates potential medical causes needing evaluation.

Coping Tips for Postpartum Hair Loss

In the meantime:

  • Use headbands, scarves, hats
  • Try clip-in hair extensions
  • Focus on hair health and be patient

The Bottom Line

Boosting protein, iron and nutrients, scalp massages, limiting damage, trims, and supplements like biotin can help end excessive postpartum shedding. But allow 6-12 months for full stabilization.

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