Should You Wash Your Hair After Derma Rolling? The Truth About Proper Scalp Care Post Microneedling

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Dermarolling is a popular skin treatment that helps reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. It works by creating micro-injuries in the skin that stimulate collagen production. While dermarolling provides great benefits, it’s important to properly care for your skin after the treatment. One common question is whether you need to wash your hair after dermarolling areas near your scalp or hairline.

Should I wash my hair after Dermarolling?

Yes, it's generally recommended to wash your hair after dermarolling areas near your scalp or hairline. Here are a few key reasons why:

Removes excess oils and residues

Dermarolling causes micro-injuries in the skin that can leave behind blood, serum, or other residues. Not washing these residues from your hair could lead to oil and dirt buildup over time. Shampooing after dermarolling helps remove any excess oils, blood, or other residues left behind near the hairline or scalp.

Reduces risk of infection

Dermarolling creates tiny wounds in the skin that take a few days to heal. Leaving residues on the hair near these wounds increases the risk of bacteria entering the skin and causing an infection. Washing the hair helps remove any bacteria that could have transferred from your hands during the dermarolling process or from lingering near the treated areas.

Allows wounds to heal cleanly

Keeping the hair and scalp clean after dermarolling promotes proper wound healing. Dirt, oil, bacteria, and other residues can obstruct the healing process or cause complications like inflammation. Washing helps create a clean environment for your skin to heal without risk of infection or foreign bodies obstructing repair.

In general, it's best to wash the hair within a few hours after dermarolling to allow any residues to be thoroughly removed. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo formulated for damaged or treated hair. Avoid excessive scrubbing or harsh products that could further irritate the freshly rolled skin.

When should I avoid washing?

There are a few exceptions when you may want to delay hair washing after dermarolling:

If using topical treatments

If your dermatologist or esthetician instructed you to apply a medicated cream, serum or other topical solution after dermarolling, wait until it's fully absorbed before shampooing. This allows the active ingredients to better penetrate the skin.

Extensive dermarolling sessions

If a large portion of your scalp was rolled using a higher needle length, it's best to wait 6-8 hours before shampooing to avoid disturbing extensive wounds. Light rinses can still be done to remove residues.

Overnight sessions

If you had your full scalp dermarolled in the evening, it's fine to let your hair air dry overnight without washing to avoid disrupting the newly formed scabs and wounds while you sleep. Shampoo as normal in the morning.

In any cases where shampooing needs to be delayed, gently rinse the hair with cool water only using a spray bottle to remove excess oils and residues.

Additional tips for hair care

After washing as directed, follow these additional tips for hair care after dermarolling:

  • Be gentle when drying and styling hair to avoid further irritation.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles that could pull on wounds like tight braids or buns.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to detangle hair more gently.
  • Moisturize the scalp area with a lightweight hydrating serum or cream.
  • Sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent tugging or pulling on healing wounds.

Proper haircare is an important part of the dermarolling aftercare process. Washing as directed allows wounds to heal cleanly while removing residues that could irritate or infect the skin. With gentle hair maintenance, your scalp will heal smoothly following dermarolling treatments.

FAQs about dermarolling and hair care

Here are some additional frequently asked questions about dermarolling and hair washing:

How often should I wash my hair after dermarolling?

Most experts recommend washing your hair once within 6-8 hours after dermarolling near the hairline or scalp. After the initial wash, resume your regular hair washing schedule. Avoid over-washing which could irritate healing skin.

Can I still use hair products after dermarolling?

Yes, but choose mild hair products without alcohol or harsh fragrances for at least a few days as your skin heals. Nourishing hair masks and lightweight serums can still be used.

How long until I can retighten my hair extensions?

Wait at least 5-7 days after dermarolling the scalp before retightening hair extensions. This allows new collagen to finish forming without undue tugging on fragile wounds.

Will dermarolling damage my hair?

Dermarolling the skin alone will not damage healthy hair. Just be careful not to directly roll the dermaroller over hair shafts, which could potentially cause breakage. Focus treatments on the skin of the scalp, forehead and hairline.

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