What Makes Short Hair Grow Fast?

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Having short hair can be a stylish and low-maintenance look, but it can also be frustrating if you're trying to grow it out. The speed at which hair grows is determined by several factors, including genetics, age, and overall health. While you can't control some of these aspects, there are steps you can take to help support healthy hair growth and potentially speed up the process.

What makes short hair grow fast?

The key factors that influence how quickly short hair grows include proper nutrition, avoiding harsh hair treatments, managing stress levels, and using gentle hair care practices. Eating a balanced diet rich in protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals can provide the necessary building blocks for healthy hair growth. Minimizing heat styling, chemical treatments, and excessive brushing can also prevent breakage and split ends, allowing your hair to retain its length as it grows out.

The Role of Nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting hair growth. Hair follicles require specific nutrients to function optimally and produce strong, healthy strands. A diet lacking in essential vitamins, minerals, and protein can lead to slower hair growth and even hair loss.


Protein is a fundamental component of hair, as it is made up primarily of a protein called keratin. Consuming enough protein from sources like lean meats, eggs, legumes, and nuts can provide the necessary building blocks for hair growth.


Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss and slow growth. This mineral is essential for delivering oxygen to hair follicles, which is necessary for their proper functioning. Good sources of iron include red meat, spinach, and fortified cereals.


Several vitamins play a role in hair growth, including vitamin C, biotin, and the B vitamins. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron, while biotin is involved in the production of keratin. B vitamins, particularly B12, support cell growth and red blood cell formation, which can indirectly impact hair growth.

Avoiding Harsh Treatments

Excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, and tight hairstyles can damage hair follicles and lead to breakage, hindering overall hair growth. To promote faster growth, it's best to minimize the use of hot tools like flat irons and blow dryers, as well as harsh chemical treatments like bleaching and perming.

Managing Stress

Stress can significantly impact hair growth due to its effects on hormone levels and the body's overall well-being. When stress levels are high, the body may prioritize essential functions over hair growth, leading to slower growth or even temporary hair loss. Engaging in stress-reducing activities like exercise, meditation, or yoga can help manage stress levels and support healthy hair growth.

Gentle Hair Care

Treating your hair gently is essential for preventing breakage and promoting growth. This includes using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, avoiding excessive brushing or combing when hair is wet, and protecting your hair from environmental factors like UV rays and pollution.

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Additional Tips for Faster Hair Growth

Regular Trims

While it may seem counterintuitive, regular trims can actually promote faster hair growth. Trimming the split ends can prevent further breakage and allow the healthy hair to grow more efficiently.

Scalp Massage

Gently massaging your scalp can improve blood circulation, which can stimulate hair follicles and promote growth. You can use your fingertips or a soft bristle brush to massage your scalp while shampooing or conditioning.

Hair Growth Supplements

Some supplements, such as biotin, folic acid, and vitamins C and E, are often marketed as hair growth aids. While their effectiveness may vary from person to person, they can provide additional nourishment for your hair follicles when combined with a balanced diet.

Remember, hair growth is a gradual process, and results may not be immediate. Consistency and patience are key when implementing these strategies to support healthy hair growth and potentially speed up the process of growing out your short hair.

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