What Vitamin Are You Lacking for Hair Loss: Addressing Deficiencies for Hair Growth

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Hair relies on proper nourishment from within to grow thick and strong. Imbalances or deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can leave follicles vulnerable to breakage and shedding over time if not addressed.

What vitamin are you lacking for hair loss?

Some of the most common vitamin deficiencies linked to excessive thinning and shedding include biotin, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.


Also called vitamin B7, biotin plays a role in keratin production. Signs of deficiency like brittle nails may precede hair loss. Enriched foods and supplements provide 300-2,000mcg daily.


Needed to ferry oxygen to follicles. Fatigue and pale skin indicate potential lack. Dietary intake from lean meat aids absorption versus supplements alone.

Vitamin D

Involved in cell growth regulation. Deficiency screening is appropriate when hairline recedes quickly without a hereditary cause.

Vitamin B12

Supports thyroid function critical to the hair growth cycle. Vegans need B12 supplements or fortified foods regularly.

Other nutrients like vitamin A, C, and zinc

While rarer catalysts, deficiency is still possible in cases of malnutrition or very restricted diets lacking essentials.

Testing and addressing deficiencies

Initial symptoms warrant screening through blood work. If deficiencies surface, doctors may recommend dietary adjustments plus targeted supplements under medical guidance and monitoring until hair stabilizes.

Certain digestive issues preventing absorption could also need addressing to ensure efficacious nutrient intake supporting follicles.

Foods high in nutrients for hair

  • Seeds like pumpkin - zinc, iron, magnesium
  • Salmon/sardines - omega-3, b12, vitamin d
  • Leafy greens - iron, vitamins a, c, k, folate
  • Beans - folate, iron, protein, b vitamins
  • Yogurt - biotin, calcium, protein

A balanced whole foods diet optimized for nutrient density can often remedy deficiencies behind hair thinning without requiring long-term supplements in most cases.

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