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If you’re struggling with hair loss or bald spots, you've most likely heard of the natural plant extract Capilia Longa, a compound usually referred to as the natural hair growth serum alternative to minoxidil.

It could be the solution you’re looking for.

Derived from turmeric root, this innovative ingredient safely reawakens dormant follicles for remarkable hair growth.

What is Capilia Longa?

Capilia Longa is a patented ingredient from Vytrus Biotech derived from turmeric root, known for stimulating hair growth by triggering an epigenetic reset of the hair's dermal papilla cells.

This natural active ingredient leverages the power of turmeric, a spice renowned for its health benefits. Turmeric contains over 300 active compounds, with curcuminoids being particularly beneficial for scalp and hair health.

The active compound Curcuma longa callus conditioned media has been shown to extend the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair growth cycle compared to a placebo group, allowing for prolonged hair growth. 

The mechanism of Capilia Longa involves an "epigenetic reset" of the hair stem cells called "dermal papilla", which are crucial for hair growth and regeneration.

This reset helps promote healthier and potentially more robust hair growth, making Capilia Longa a promising ingredient in hair growth serum formulas.

How Capilia Longa restarts hair growth?

By rebooting dormant follicles, Capilia Longa can help:

  • Stop hair loss and thinning
  • Stimulate follicle regeneration
  • Increase blood flow and nutrient supply
  • Generate fuller, thicker hair

This makes it a promising treatment option for alopecia, other types of hair loss, or just weak hair growth.

    Capilia Longa before and after pictures

    In clinical trials, Capilia Longa alone has been shown to increase hair density by up to 35% versus placebo after 12 weeks of daily use. No major side effects have been reported.

    These incredible before after images are not just Capilia Longa, but from Bio-Pilixin, which includes Capilia Longa as one of its flagship ingredients.

    For a full list of before and after, see our reviews

    Men results:

    man bio pilixin capilia longa before and after
    man bio pilixin capilia longa before and after
    man bio pilixin capilia longa before and after

    Women results:

    woman bio pilixin capilia longa before and after
    woman bio pilixin capilia longa before and after


    woman bio pilixin capilia longa before and after

    For best results, apply the Capilia Longa products to clean, wet hair after showering. Gently massage a few drops into the scalp, particularly around areas of thinning. The formula can penetrate down to the hair bulb, where hair regrowth begins.

    What are Capilia Longa hair growth products?

    capilia longa hair growth products

    Capilia Longa is now being used in new hair growth serum and other cosmetic products designed for hair loss reduction and hair follicle regeneration.

    However, Capilia Longa should be accompanied by other natural ingredients that can help maintain and lengthen its effect (like biotin, to name one).

    Biotin is essential for healthy hair growth and helps strengthen hair strands in the telogen (resting) phase.

    Otherwise, you won't be able to achieve the full effect of this bio-active ingredient.

    That's what we, Scandinavian Biolabs, spent years trying to perfect in our clinically tested Bio-Pilixin formula.

    A few reasons why Scandinavian Biolabs outperforms competition:

    Science-backed results starting from 45 days 🧪

    • 93% saw a clinical reduction in hair loss
    • 97% experience less hair loss overall
    • 73% had a clinically tested increase in hair density

    Safer than some counterparts 🛡️

    • Only vegan, natural origin ingredients that works with your body (not against)
    • Drug-free, safe for everyday use with no harmful side effects
    • Silicon-free, paraben-free and the only known allergens are vanillyl butyl ether and eucalyptus oil
    • Suitable for any hair type

    We put your concerns first ❤️

    Harness the full plant growth factors of Capilia Longa with Scandinavian Biolabs.

    You have nothing to lose except your hair thinning and hair loss!

    Hair Growth Routine | For Men
    Hair Growth Routine | For Men
    Formulated to combat shedding & signs of balding
    Hair Growth Routine | For Women
    Hair Growth Routine | For Women
    Formulated to combat thinning hair & visible scalp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Capilia Longa an alternative to minoxidil?

    Yes, Capilia Longa is emerging as a natural, plant-based alternative to minoxidil for hair loss treatment. While minoxidil is a treatment drug that widens blood vessels to improve follicle nutrition, Capilia Longa works by triggering an "epigenetic reset" of hair follicle stem cells to reboot growth.

    Are there any Capilia Longa side effects?

    So far, there have been no recorded harmful side effects of Capilia Longa.

    Capilia Longa is derived from natural turmeric root and has been safely used in numerous hair loss products with minimal reports of side effects.

    During clinical trials, no major adverse reactions were observed from the daily application of Capilia Longa for hair loss.

    However, that's not to say hair loss products with Capilia Longa have no side effects. We recommend reading the product details before making a decision.

    Is Capilia Longa turmeric?


    Yes, Capilia Longa is directly extracted from the Curcuma longa plant, whose root is used to produce the common spice turmeric. It harnesses the power of turmeric’s bioactive compounds responsible for the hair growth factor of Capilia Longa.

    We like to think of Capilia Longa as the result of extracting all the good scalp and hair-healthy compounds from the plant, condensed into one extremely potent extract.

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