Low Hairline: Definition, Cause & Treatment

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Having a low hairline can be weird, confusing and off-putting. But, have you ever wondered whatis it, why it happens and how you can fix your low hairline?

    What is a low hairline?

    Hairlines that generally start near the eyebrows are considered low. Low hairlines in women give the impression of a narrow or small forehead. Likewise, men in their early ages also have low hairlines due to not having experienced any hair loss yet.

    Since hair loss can occur in both men and women, which can lead to receding hairlines, having a low hairline may well be an advantage. A low front hairline is a distance between the eyebrows and the hairline.

    In other words, it is more than two standard deviations below the mean. Even without measuring this distance, it may be evident to the eyes if the hairline was lower than standard.

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    Why does a low hairline exist?

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    There are multiple reasons for having a low hairline. Factors contributing to low hairline are height, age, weight, habits, and most important of all is genes.

    It is a fact that a low hairline is a part of various types of hairlines that both men and women can inherit through the factors mentioned above, for example, widow’s peak in women and mature hairline in men.

    What medical conditions are associated with low hairline?

    Low hairlines are rarely a need for concern. However, there are a few medical illnesses that can cause a low hairline.

    For example, People of all ages, gender, and ethnicity with low hairlines can be diagnosed with the Cornelia De Lange (CDL) Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that is present from birth. It is so rare that it is not diagnosed at birth, making it difficult to treat the syndrome later on in life.

    Symptoms associated with CdLS can be thick eyebrows often joining above the nose, being physically disabled, mentally impaired, and often having a small stature due to slow growth. This syndrome directly results from the alteration of some genes in the human DNA.

    How can you fix a low hairline?

    Low hairlines are not tough to alter into other types of hairlines that are preferable. Mentioned below are some of the general techniques used by people:


    People pluck their hairs from the forehead to decrease the hairline. Plucking is a time-consuming and pain-inducing process.

    Laser hair removal:

      Today’s technology has made it easier to alter your hairline in different ways. The Laser Hair Removal procedure can permanently remove the low hairline.

      Plastic surgery:

        Attending medical spas or getting plastic surgery on your hairline is also feasible.

        But the takeaway is that these procedures are not cheap, not to mention prices may vary from place to place. Furthermore, several sessions for these procedures may be required. So if you have funds to spare, you can opt for any of the latter three options.

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        Why do I have a small forehead?

        It's possible that you were born with a small forehead due to genetics. However, it's also possible that the appearance of a small forehead is being caused by factors such as a receding hairline or a prominent brow ridge.

        In some cases, medical conditions such as microcephaly or hormonal imbalances can also affect the size and shape of the forehead.

        If you're concerned about the appearance of your forehead, it's recommended to speak with a healthcare professional or a dermatologist for further evaluation and guidance.

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