Does Washing Hair Everyday Cause Hair Loss?

Medically reviewed by Dr. Mariyam Fatima M.B.B.S.
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In this article, we'll find out whether washing your hair caused your hair loss.

Men, women, and even children – hair loss affects all of us. There are many situations and conditions that can affect our self-esteem.

Losing our precious strands is undoubtedly one of those scenarios at the top of that list, whether we admit it or not.

And alas, hair loss can stem from many causes. You have got your family history or genetics, lifestyle changes, and medical conditions, medications and supplements, heat and chemical hair treatments, and so on.

Does your hair wash routine count, too?


  1. How to combat your hair loss?
  2. Does washing hair everyday cause hair loss? Why?
  3. How to prevent hair loss from hair washing?
  4. Conclusion

How to Combat Your Hair Loss?

Hair loss like a parasite, leeching away your self-assurance.

You're not alone, statistics show that approximately one in three women with hair loss showed 2 symptoms of depression.

40% reported marital problems and 63% reported career problems.

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Does Washing Hair Everyday Cause Hair Loss?

Washing Your Hair Every Day: Does It Cause Hair Loss?

The deal with hair wash frequency is about as confusing as decoding man-speak or figuring out what women want. Should you wash your hair daily, every other day, or only a couple of times a week? You can find a boatload of contrasting sources on how often you should shampoo your locks. It is high time we solve this mystery right now.

The truth is, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. How often you should wash your hair depends on several factors such as your hair type, styling choices, lifestyle, and personal preference. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the decision is mostly up to you! But let us get into the details so you can make better hair care choices.

Many hair experts would say that those with fine hair and oily scalp should wash their hair every day. Folks who live in humid places and fitness enthusiasts who often sweat after their workout session should, too. Those who suffer from dandruff also benefit from frequent hair washing.

Individuals who can get away without the daily hair wash are ones with thicker or curly strands and dry scalp. But if you fall under this category and experience flaking, itching, and visibly oiling scalp, then you know you need to wash those locks. And those who are planning to get a major chemical hair treatment like perms, hair color, and keratin blowouts could use a few days off of washing to avoid stressing and damaging the hair further.

If we are talking about having better hair and scalp health, it is always better to keep them clean. No matter our living conditions, we consistently and inevitably expose ourselves to dirt and other pollutants. Washing your hair frequently clears all that debris and gives your follicles room to grow and thrive.

But won’t daily washing cause hair loss or make it prone to breakage? Fear not, dear reader. Washing your hair every day will not cause hair loss. However, this is on the condition that you wash your hair correctly and use the right products.

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Washing Hair?

Yes, there is a proper way to shampooing and conditioning your mane. Here are some of the best hair wash etiquette you should follow:

  • Start by saturating. No, not with your products but with water. The best way to work the shampoo in your scalp is when you let your strands thoroughly soak through first. Doing this will also help to rinse the product out easier.
  • Size matters. You are not exempt from hair loss if your washing leads to product buildup. How much shampoo and conditioner you use should only be the size of a quarter. Adjust this as reasonably necessary if you have long and thick hair. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Be gentle. Thorough does not mean vigorous. Do not get aggressive with the shampoo to get rid of dirt and debris. Relax and enjoy applying the conditioner to those strands. Washing your hair is a great time to reconnect with yourself and your body.
  • Temperature counts. Starting with warm water opens your hair’s cuticles allowing the shampoo and conditioner to work their wonders. Rinsing off with cold water seals the cuticles back up and locks in the moisture. If you do not have the time or luxury, lukewarm water is the way to go.
  • Mind the aftercare. Your hair is more vulnerable when wet. Let it air dry or wrap it with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. If you want to detangle the strands, gently start at the bottom using a wide-tooth comb. 

Now, it is not enough to know the proper technique. You need to use the right products, too.


Many people who misconstrue daily washing with hair loss and breakage are most likely using products with harsh cleansers and chemicals. And those who are suffering from hair loss should first seek medical attention to diagnose the cause accurately.

There are many causes of hair loss, but frequent washing is not one of them. Regular washing can prevent hair loss if one observes the proper washing technique and uses the right products. With our shampoo and conditioner, you can wash as often as you please and have great hair to boot!


Mariyam Fatima M.B.B.S. is working as PGR (Post Graduate Resident/Registrar) of Internal Medicine in Nishtar Hospital Multan - one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan. She belongs to the rare progeny of healthcare professionals registered with the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) as Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs). In her free time, she’s a reader and an aspiring author.