How to Slow Down Hair Growth on Head? Techniques for Managing Excessive Growth

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While some people desire faster hair growth, others want to slow it down. But is it possible to safely slow the rate of hair growth on your head?

How to Slow Down Hair Growth on Head

Methods that may help modestly slow down hair growth on the head include staying hydrated, trying topical retinoids, taking oral supplements like silica or MSM, using green tea rinses, getting regular trims, limiting heat styling, keeping hair in protective styles, and using an anti-DHT shampoo. Manage expectations as results will be minimal.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep hair supple and less prone to quick growth. Dehydration can accelerate shedding and regrowth.

Apply Topical Retinoids

Retinoids like retinol may mildly inhibit hair follicle cell production when applied to the scalp.

Take Supplements

Some supplements like silica, MSM, or omega-3s may support slower, stronger keratin for slightly slower growth.

Use Green Tea Rinses

Green tea contains EGCG which may inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase to reduce hair production.

Trim Regularly

Getting frequent trims may remove split ends before they travel up the hair shaft, giving the illusion of slower growth.

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Why Slowing Scalp Hair Growth is Difficult

It's challenging to slow scalp hair growth because:

  • Hair growth cycles are genetically programmed
  • Cutting or weighing down hair doesn't affect the follicle
  • Topical actives have limited ability to penetrate the scalp
  • Hair follicles rapidly regenerate
These factors make it extremely hard to disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Average Scalp Hair Growth Rate

The normal rate of scalp hair growth is:

  • 0.5 inches per month
  • 6 inches per year
This can vary slightly based on age, health, and genetic factors.

Other Options for Slowing Hair Growth

More dramatic methods include:
  • Prescription anti-androgens
  • Laser hair growth inhibition
  • Electrolysis
But these require medical consultation due to potential side effects or discomfort.

Focus on Healthy Hair Habits

Rather than slowing growth, focus on:
  • Gentle, infrequent washing
  • Natural oils and masks
  • Protective yet loose styles
  • Hydration and reduced stress
This supports your optimal personal hair growth rate.

The Bottom Line

While slightly slower hair growth may be possible through oral supplements, topical retinoids, staying hydrated and green tea rinses, dramatic changes are unlikely. Focus on healthy haircare habits instead.

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