Will Hair Grow Back After Mole Removal? Recovery Expectations

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If you've recently undergone mole removal, you might be wondering, "Will hair grow back after mole removal?" The answer to this query is not straightforward and depends on various factors. This article will explore those factors and help you understand what to expect post-mole removal.

Will hair grow back after mole removal?

Hair can potentially grow back after mole removal if the mole was positioned over a hair follicle and the removal process did not damage the follicle. The ability for hair to grow through a mole is indicative of healthy skin cells, thus suggesting that hair growth may occur post-removal if the follicle remains intact (source). However, if the follicles were removed or directly affected during the procedure, the hair may not be able to grow back naturally (source).

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Factors Influencing Hair Regrowth

The type of mole removal procedure can influence whether hair grows back. Some methods, like laser treatment or shave technique, may not entirely remove the mole cells, leading to potential hair regrowth (source, source). In contrast, procedures like excision or Mohs surgery that remove deeper layers of tissue and skin might prevent hair from growing back (source).

Managing Unwanted Hair Regrowth

If you notice hair growing back after mole removal and find it bothersome, you have options. You can safely clip or pluck the hair. Always remember to take care not to irritate the skin around the area where the mole was removed (source).


While hair may grow back after mole removal, it largely depends on the removal technique used and whether the hair follicles were affected during the procedure. If hair regrowth occurs and is unwanted, safe removal methods such as clipping or plucking can be employed. Keep in mind that changes in your skin, including hair regrowth, should be monitored post-mole removal, and any concerns should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

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