9 Best Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Hair Of 2024: These Works For Your Hair

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Are you searching for the best hair growth vitamins for black hair? Look no further!

In this article, we'll explore top-rated vitamins that can help you achieve healthier, stronger, and longer hair tailored to the unique needs of black hair.

Whether you're dealing with breakage, slow growth, or just want to enhance your natural beauty, these vitamins can make a significant difference.

9 best hair growth vitamins for black hair

Here are the best hair growth vitamins for black hair:

  1. Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Nutrient Tablets
  2. Hello Lovely! Hair Vitamins with Biotin 5000 mcg Vitamin E & C
  3. Nutrafol Hair Wellness Supplement
  4. Olly Ultra Hair Softgel Supplement
  5. Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies
  6. Hum Nutrition Hair Strong Gummies for Stronger and Fuller Hair
  7. Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins
  8. Golde Coconut Collagen Boost
  9. Love Beauty and Planet Berry Vegan Hair & Nails Dietary Supplement

1. Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Nutrient Tablets

best hair growth vitamins for black hair

Hair Nutrient Tablets by Scandinavian Biolabs contain a blend of apple and horsetail extracts along with essential amino acids. With B and C vitamins, these tablets are a beacon for black hair health.

The added benefit of zinc supports the upkeep of regular hair, while riboflavin defends cells against oxidative harm. 

Designed in partnership with a leading Danish lab, these vegan-friendly tablets prioritize natural, effective ingredients. 

Silica in horsetail extract supports the well-being of hair, skin, and nails. Apple, a universally cultivated fruit, enriches the blend, and the integral role of zinc aids in cell division, furthering black hair maintenance.

Hair Nutrient Tablets
Hair Nutrient Tablets
Contains zinc for the maintenance of normal hair, as well as niacin and riboflavin for the maintenance of normal skin.

2. Hello Lovely! Hair Vitamins Gummies with Biotin 5000 mcg Vitamin E & C

Hello Lovely! Hair Vitamins Gummies with Biotin 5000 mcg Vitamin E & C

Hello Lovely! Hair Vitamins Gummies offer a delectable solution for those eager to rejuvenate their tresses. 

Packed with a potent blend of biotin 5000 mcg, vitamins E and C, these gummies are a powerhouse for promoting luscious hair growth. Beyond their nutritional punch, their delightful taste makes daily supplementation a treat. 

For people with black hair, facing thinning, or anyone pursuing vibrant locks, the Hello Lovely! Gummies are a tasteful step towards hair radiance. Give them a go and watch your hair; thank you!

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3. Nutrafol Hair Wellness Supplement

Nutrafol Hair Wellness Supplement

A top choice for many, Nutrafol has garnered widespread acclaim with countless online testimonials praising its potent blend of stress adaptogens, DHT blockers, and powerful antioxidants. 

Crafted by experts, these 100% drug-free supplements are conveniently available through a monthly subscription. 

Archer notes that Nutrafol targets the deeper issues leading to black hair thinning, such as stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional gaps, metabolic shifts, aging, and certain lifestyle habits. 

"Nutrafol has pioneered a tailored approach, using ingredients scientifically shown to tackle the underlying causes of hair thinning," Archer explains.

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4. Olly Ultra Hair Softgel Supplement

Olly Ultra Hair Softgel Supplement

The OLLY Ultra Strength Hair Softgels are formulated to enhance the strength and fullness of black hair from the inside out. Notably, they can even assist in preserving hair pigment and promoting healthy growth. 

Key ingredients include biotin, an indispensable nutrient for healthy hair, and keratin, which nourishes the hair internally. Silicon, another critical component, aids collagen and keratin formation, supporting hair growth and resilience. 

The recommended dosage is one soft gel daily with water. The soft gels are designed for easy swallowing without the need to chew and come with a faint strawberry aroma and no sugar. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, ensuring a month's supply. 

Moreover, for those who enjoy using various OLLY products, these soft gels can be combined with other supplements from the brand.

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5. Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies

best hair growth vitamins for black hair

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies offer essential nutrients that help enhance your natural beauty from the inside out. 

Antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C play a significant role: Vitamin E promotes skin well-being, while Vitamin C supports collagen production, essential for glowing skin.

Additionally, biotin is a crucial component for maintaining lustrous hair. These gummies come in a delectable strawberry flavor, formulated with skin and hair-beneficial nutrients, and enhanced with the antioxidant properties of Vitamins C & E.

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6. Hum Nutrition Hair Strong Gummies for Stronger and Fuller Hair

best hair growth vitamins for black hair

Discover the magic of our vegan berry-flavored biotin gummies, enriched with folic acid, designed to bolster healthy black hair growth from within. 

These gummies are packed with nutrients tailor-made for hair health, including biotin, zinc, fo-ti, vitamin B12, and folic acid. 

Not only do they aid in strengthening hair, but they also support skin and nail vitality. Biotin enhances hair, skin, and nails, while zinc nurtures hair follicles. 

Fo-Ti is known for encouraging robust hair growth and retaining hair color. Distinct from other hair supplements, Hair Sweet 

Hair is a vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO option that champions overall hair wellness without artificial colors or sweeteners.

For optimal results, consume two delectable gummies at any time, with or without a meal. They synergize perfectly with other hair growth and health products from HUM Nutrition.

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7. Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Healthy, robust, and thick hair isn't just a matter of genes; what you feed your body plays a crucial role, too. Hair La Vie's Clinical Formula isn't just any hair growth product; it harnesses the might of holistic nutrition to foster healthier hair. 

This potent, nutrient-rich supplement doesn't just cater to your hair needs. Still, it synchronizes with your body to address many hair challenges, striving to bless you with voluminous, shiny, and revitalized locks suitable for all hair types. 

Beyond hair wellness, the formula is infused with ingredients that bolster your immune system. Rich in vitamins and botanicals such as Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iron, and the revered Reishi Mushroom, these capsules don't just aim for surface beauty. 

They nurture from within, ensuring your inner health becomes the foundation for lustrous, healthy hair.

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8. Golde Coconut Collagen Boost

Golde Coconut Collagen Boost

Coconut Collagen Boost is a pioneering, entirely plant-based formula to enhance your body's innate collagen generation. Instead of using actual collagen predominantly sourced from animals, this supplement harnesses the power of nature's superfoods. 

Among these potent ingredients, bamboo extract stands out with its rich silica content, a crucial component for collagen production, providing 200 mg per 2 tsp serving. 

The formula also incorporates 80 mg of vegetable-derived hyaluronic acid per serving, ensuring skin stays hydrated and radiant. 

Additionally, 1000 mcg of biotin in each 2 tsp serving fortifies the keratin structures in hair and nails. 

It's important to note that while collagen is abundant in our bodies and we're naturally equipped to produce it, Coconut Collagen Boost aids and amplifies this process, all while maintaining a commitment to being cruelty-free and 100% plant-based.

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9. Love Beauty and Planet Berry Extraordinary Vegan Hair & Nails Dietary Supplement

Love Beauty and Planet Berry Extraordinary Vegan Hair & Nails Dietary Supplement

Love Beauty and Planet's Berry Bliss flavored gummy vitamins are explicitly designed to nourish and support the robust growth of black hair, ensuring it thrives with natural radiance. These vitamins also play a significant role in fostering resilient and robust nails. 

A gentle reminder for customers: the product can melt or get damaged when exposed to sunlight or heat, so it's essential to be present during delivery. 

These Berry Bliss supplements stand out as they are vegan, certified cruelty-free, and made with natural flavors, eschewing any artificial sweeteners. 

Key ingredients like biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D are infused in the gummies, ensuring optimal benefits for hair and nails. 

The product's commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its packaging, utilizing 100% PCR bottles.

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How to choose the best hair growth vitamins for black hair?

Choosing the best hair growth vitamins for black hair involves understanding the specific needs of black hair and matching them with the proper nutrients. It's essential to look for vitamins that strengthen the hair shaft, promote scalp health, and address the specific challenges black hair might face, such as dryness or breakage.

  • Understand hair type: Not all black hair is the same; it ranges from wavy to coily. Recognize your hair type to address its specific needs.
  • Essential nutrients: Ensure the supplement contains vital nutrients like biotin, vitamin E, and folic acid, which promote hair health.
  • Natural ingredients: Prioritize vitamins derived from natural sources to reduce exposure to synthetic components.
  • Hydration boosters: Black hair can often be prone to dryness. Look for ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, which help in retaining moisture.
  • Scalp health: Ingredients such as zinc and vitamin D are vital for maintaining a healthy scalp and fostering a conducive environment for hair growth.
  • Brand reputation: Opt for brands with positive reviews and testimonials that specifically highlight benefits for black hair.
  • No harmful additives: Steer clear of vitamins with added fillers, artificial colors, and chemicals.
  • Consult a trichologist: For personalized advice, consider consulting a hair specialist or trichologist who can guide you based on your hair's unique profile.


Navigating the myriad options for hair growth vitamins can be overwhelming, especially when finding the perfect fit for black hair. 

However, with a keen understanding of black hair's unique needs and armed with the knowledge of essential nutrients and ingredients, making the right choice becomes simpler. 

True beauty and health stem from the inside out, and the same principle applies to hair. By choosing the right supplements, not only do you pave the way for lustrous locks, but you also ensure overall hair health and strength. 

Individual needs can vary, so consider personal hair goals and consult with professionals when in doubt. A journey towards healthier, vibrant black hair awaits with the right vitamins!


Which vitamin is best for black hair?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is essential for maintaining healthy black hair. This vitamin supports hair growth and strength, making it a top choice for black hair care. Incorporate biotin-rich foods like eggs, nuts, whole grains, and bananas into your diet to promote optimal hair health.

What are the essential vitamins for promoting black hair growth?

Some key vitamins include Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Folic Acid, all of which support hair strength, elasticity, and overall health.

How long should I take hair growth vitamins before seeing results?

Generally, consistent 3-6 months of use is recommended before noticeable results, but individual experiences may vary.

Can I take hair growth vitamins if I have relaxed or chemically treated black hair?

Yes, hair growth vitamins, including chemically treated hair, can benefit all hair types. However, always consult a hair professional or dermatologist if you are unsure.

Are there any side effects to taking hair growth vitamins?

Most people don't experience side effects when taking hair vitamins. However, following recommended dosages and consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns is crucial.

Do hair growth vitamins also benefit the skin and nails?

Absolutely! Many ingredients in hair growth vitamins, like biotin and folic acid, also promote healthy skin and nails.


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