Best 10 Serum For Micro Needling Of 2024: For Maximum Effectiveness

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Welcome to our guide on the best serums for micro needling in 2024.

Micro needling, a popular skincare technique, involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and enhancing the absorption of topical serums.

To maximize the effectiveness of your micro needling routine, choosing the right serum is essential.

In this article, we'll explore the top 10 serums that are specially formulated to complement and elevate your micro needling experience.

Whether you're targeting fine lines, acne scars, or overall skin rejuvenation, these serums have got you covered for smoother, more radiant skin.

What is microneedling?

Hair microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment designed to rejuvenate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. By using a device equipped with fine needles, tiny punctures are made on the scalp. 

These micro-injuries trigger the body's natural healing process, which includes increased blood flow and nutrient supply to the hair follicles, potentially leading to thicker, healthier hair. 

This process is thought to activate dormant hair follicles, promoting new hair growth and improving the overall density and texture of the hair. The technique is gaining popularity as an effective method for addressing hair thinning and loss. 

It can be used in conjunction with topical treatments, as the micro-channels created allow for deeper penetration of hair growth serums for medications, enhancing their effectiveness. 

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Why you should use a serum for micro needling treatments

Using a serum in conjunction with hair microneedling treatments is highly beneficial for maximizing the procedure's effectiveness. 

Hair microneedling creates micro-injuries on the scalp, which not only stimulates the body's natural healing process but also enhances the absorption of topical products. 

When a nutrient-rich serum is applied post-microneedling, its active ingredients penetrate deeper into the scalp. 

This results in a more effective nourishment of the hair follicles, potentially leading to improved hair growth, increased thickness, and overall better scalp health.

Furthermore, these serums often contain ingredients specifically formulated to support hair health, such as peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, and growth factors. They can soothe the scalp, reduce inflammation, and provide the essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth.

However, it's crucial to choose the appropriate serum, as some may cause irritation. A patch test or consulting a dermatologist can help identify suitable serums and avoid harmful ingredients.

10 best serums for microneedling

Selecting the best serum for microneedling treatments is crucial for maximizing the benefits of this procedure. Here are some top serums to consider: 

1. Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum

best serum for microneedling

The Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum, developed with expert input, is specifically formulated to help reduce hair loss and support hair growth. Its unique composition includes multiple plant growth factors derived from stem cell technology, aiming to nurture hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. 

This serum is especially effective when used in conjunction with hair microneedling, as the treatment enhances the absorption of these potent growth factors. 

Key active ingredients include Capilia Longa, which has demonstrated significant reductions in hair loss and improvements in hair density. 

Niacinamide, another vital component, strengthens hair by stimulating keratin production. Additionally, Vanillyl Butyl Ether acts as a mild warming agent, improving blood circulation to the scalp and thereby enhancing nutrient and oxygen delivery. 

This combination of growth, strength, and stimulation components, along with the serum's vegan and naturally-derived ingredients, makes it an ideal choice for use with microneedling treatments.

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Women
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Women
Drug-free & clinically tested
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested

2. 5% Minoxidil for Men and Women

5% Minoxidil for Men and Women

Minoxidil is widely recognized as a frontline treatment for hair loss, known for its effectiveness in increasing hair density. Available in both 2% and 5% concentrations, Minoxidil can be found under various brand names or as a generic product. 

When used in conjunction with hair microneedling, its efficacy is believed to be enhanced, as the micro-injuries from microneedling can improve serum absorption. 

However, it's important to be aware of potential side effects. Minoxidil can sometimes cause skin irritation and may lead to a temporary phase of increased hair shedding before noticeable improvement occurs. 

Users should monitor their skin and hair response carefully and consult a healthcare professional if concerns arise. 

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3. The BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum

The BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum

The BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum is tailored to provide an additional layer of moisturization, addressing common scalp issues like dryness and flakiness. 

By enhancing the scalp's natural growth cycle, this serum helps create a healthier environment for hair growth.

It stands out for its compatibility with all hair types, including those with dry and sensitive scalps. The serum's formulation is designed to nurture the scalp, laying the foundation for healthier, stronger hair. 

For those undergoing hair microneedling, this serum can serve as a soothing, moisturizing agent, enhancing the overall treatment results. 

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4. The Ordinary Hair Growth Serum for Thinning Hair

The Ordinary Hair Growth Serum for Thinning Hair

The Ordinary's Hair Growth Serum is celebrated for its natural and vegan-friendly composition, containing extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils. This serum is particularly aimed at combating hair thinning.

Its formula is backed by numerous positive reviews and is known for being gentle yet effective. The combination of natural ingredients makes it a safe option for those looking for a more organic approach to hair care. 

The Ordinary's serum can be particularly effective when used post-micro needling, as the treatment enhances the serum's penetration and efficacy.

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5. The Monpure Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

The Monpure Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

Monpure's Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum works by stimulating hair follicles to increase cell turnover, promoting thicker and fuller hair. It contains ingredients that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT, a hormone linked to hair loss.

This serum is ideal for those specifically looking to enhance hair density and thickness. Its targeted action against DHT makes it a strategic choice for individuals dealing with hair thinning related to hormonal imbalances. 

When used alongside hair microneedling, the serum's benefits are amplified, offering a comprehensive approach to improving hair health.

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6. Bruun Hair Growth Serum


Bruun Hair Growth Serum

The Bruun Hair Growth Serum offers a professional-grade formula packed with nutrients to stimulate hair growth and restore hair strength and beauty. It provides an affordable alternative to expensive salon treatments.

This serum's potent formula is designed to cater to those seeking significant improvement in their hair's health and appearance. 

Its nutrient-rich composition ensures that the hair receives all the essential elements needed for growth and rejuvenation, especially when combined with the enhanced absorption benefits of hair microneedling treatments.

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7. Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

The Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum is an intensive formula designed to nourish the scalp and fortify hair. This serum is unique in its combination of 15 active ingredients, each chosen to complement the Hair Thinning Therapy system. 

Key ingredients like caffeine, catalase, and cayenne work together to invigorate the scalp, which can be particularly effective when used in tandem with microneedling. The stimulation from microneedling can enhance the serum's absorption, maximizing its benefits.

In addition, this serum incorporates Apple Fruit Stem Cell and Pea Protein Extract, which are vital for increasing hydration and protecting hair strands from future damage. 

When used after microneedling, these ingredients can penetrate deeper into the scalp, providing enhanced nourishment and protection.

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8. Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

Vegamour's GRO Hair Serum is celebrated for its plant-based active ingredients that effectively reduce hair shedding and fallout. 

This best-selling serum is designed to support a healthier scalp environment, encouraging the growth of stronger and more resilient hair strands. Its fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula makes it easy to apply and suitable for daily use.

The serum's ability to increase the appearance of hair density and enhance overall hair health makes it a great match for microneedling treatments. 

The micro-injuries caused by microneedling can boost the serum's penetration, allowing the active ingredients to work more efficiently.

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9. GroMD Hair Growth Serum

GroMD Hair Growth Serum

The GroMD Hair Growth Serum is an ideal choice for enhancing the effects of microneedling treatments for hair. 

It features a powerful blend of proprietary DHT blockers, designed to minimize hair thinning and prevent the miniaturization of hair follicles. 

One of the key ingredients, copper peptides, plays a crucial role in fighting scalp inflammation and stimulating hair follicle growth. The inclusion of caffeine and niacinamide in the formula further enhances its effectiveness. 

These ingredients help dilate blood vessels around the hair follicles, improving circulation and ensuring the delivery of vital nutrients to each hair strand.  

By using GroMD Hair Growth Serum in conjunction with microneedling treatments, you can significantly boost the overall health of your scalp and hair.

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10. Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Serum

Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Serum

The Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Serum is a highly effective product for use alongside microneedling treatments. 

Its primary function is to strengthen hair fibers and reduce hair breakage. The serum's formulation includes Gluco Peptide, Wheat Protein Derivative, and Native Plant Cells. 

Gluco Peptide penetrates into the deepest layers of the hair cuticle, strengthening existing hair. The Wheat Protein Derivative in the serum repairs and restores the flexibility and smoothness of damaged hair. 

Additionally, Native Plant Cells in the serum provide deep hydration and reduce the risk of weakened hair roots. This synergy makes the Kérastase Initialiste serum a valuable addition to a microneedling hair care routine.

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Use a derma roller for microneedling to get the best result

Scalp Activation Roller

Using a derma roller for hair microneedling is an effective way to enhance hair growth and scalp health. This simple yet innovative tool features tiny needles that create micro-injuries on the scalp, stimulating blood flow and nutrient delivery to hair follicles. 

This process promotes natural hair regrowth by activating the scalp's healing response, which includes boosting collagen production—a key factor in hair strength and growth. 

When used correctly, a derma roller for hair microneedling can be a game-changer in combating hair thinning and loss, making it a valuable addition to your hair care routine.

The Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Activation Roller takes the principles of micro-needling and applies them to scalp health and hair support. This innovative tool features 540 titanium 0.5mm needles, specifically designed to gently stimulate the scalp. 

By creating micro-channels, it encourages better circulation and nutrient absorption, thereby supporting overall scalp health and potentially fuller hair. Its versatility allows it to be used on all hair types, either wet or dry, and with or without hair care products. 

For those new to scalp micro-needling, it's advisable to start with a once-weekly routine, gradually increasing frequency as the scalp adjusts.

This gradual introduction ensures a comfortable and effective incorporation of the Scalp Activation Roller into the hair care regimen.

Scalp Activation Derma Roller
Scalp Activation Derma Roller
A hand-held microneedling tool intended to stimulate the scalp and encourage fuller hair


Choosing the right serum to complement your micro-needling regimen is key to achieving the best results.

Each of the serums listed in this blog post, offers unique benefits designed to enhance the hair’s natural healing process and improve overall skin texture and appearance.  

Additionally, the Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Activation Roller offers a specialized approach. This tool is designed to invigorate the scalp, promoting healthier hair and scalp conditions.  

Remember, the key to successful micro-needling lies in the combination of the right tools and serums. With these recommendations, you're well-equipped to embark on a journey towards healthier, more vibrant skin and hair.


What kind of shampoo should I use after scalp micro-needling?

After micro-needling your scalp, it's advisable to use shampoos containing soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, or tea tree oil. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and soothe the scalp.

How do I perform scalp micro-needling to stimulate hair growth?

For effective scalp micro-needling, gently roll the derma roller 5–7 times vertically across the scalp, lift it, and then roll 5–7 times horizontally. Apply only light pressure during the process.

Can I apply hair oil after micro-needling my scalp?

Yes, you can apply hair oil after micro-needling. Topical solutions like hair oils or minoxidil are safe to use post-treatment and can enhance the benefits of the procedure.



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