Hair Serum For Men: A Simple Guide

For many men, a hair serum has become an integral part of their hair care routine. Choosing a great shampoo and conditioner is, of course, crucial to maintaining healthy hair, but it’s important to realize that the moment of washing it is a small fraction of the total time when hair needs protection.

Here is where a serum comes in very handy. In-between showers, hair needs to face environmental aggressors, dryness, or even damage incurred by hair styling. It would make sense to use a product that gives it a little help during all of that, wouldn’t it?

Today, we’re discussing how men can use hair serum, what it is and the different types we can opt for, as well as our list of the best ones out there. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know all you need to know about how to use hair serum and how to choose the best one for you.

What is hair serum?

hair serum for men


Hair serum is a liquid hair styling product that coats the hairs and that can be applied either when hair is wet or dry. It soothes and softens the cuticle layer of your hair, and as such it keeps your hair from getting damaged (amongst other benefits, which we will discuss later).

It’s different from other hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, or masks because it is applied to the hair and not washed off.

As they are often silicone-based (but you can also find silicone-free formulations if you want), hair serums are essentially designed to cover your hair in a thin film that can have different benefits depending on the product.

These benefits range from hydration to pollution protection, from shine to smoothness - even hair thickening and hair loss alleviation!

Depending on what benefit they give you, or what type of hair they were designed for, hair serums may be more aqueous or viscous - which is why it’s very important to be informed when choosing the right one for you.

How should men use hair serum?

Should you apply hair serum to wet or dry hair?

The mode of application varies from product to product. While most serums should be applied on post-shower damp hair, some can also be applied on dry hair as a touch-up. For this, it’s best to check the indications on your particular hair serum.

How should men apply hair serum?

Because hair serum is often quite oily and heavy on the hair, it is generally indicated to avoid applying it to the roots. For those with longer hair, that is much easier to do - which is why men or people with shorter hair must adopt a slightly different technique when applying it to their hair.

The best way to apply hair serum for men with short hair is to place a small amount (as indicated on the label) onto your palms, rubbing it gently to warm it a bit. Because of its thicker consistency, this makes it easier to work it into your hair.

Then, with two fingers, run it over individual strands of hair. The main point in doing this is to avoid the serum getting onto your scalp, which will make it appear oily and unwashed.

It’s also important not to apply hair serum after any other hair products. To maximize hair serum's effect, you need to apply it before anything else, and right after stepping out of the shower.

Hair serum is quite expensive when we think of the fact that the bottles are generally smaller and the price is still quite high - so it’s best not to let any of it go to waste.

How often should men apply hair serum?

It’s generally not recommended to use hair serum every day, as the formulas can contain too strong ingredients for frequent use, or they may be too oily and weigh hair down.

However, this depends on each product, and it’s best to check the indications on each particular one.

What are the benefits of hair serum?

Each serum does a different job. Nowadays, you’ll find a hair serum for every hair concern, from frizzy hair to more serious hair conditions such as hair loss. Some of the most common benefits  of hair serums are:

  • Taming of frizzy, difficult to manage hair. By creating that film we were talking about earlier, hair serum protects hair from humidity and creates a beautiful, sleek finish;
  • Smoothness and shine, for which that film is again responsible;
  • Coloured hair protection;
  • Strengthening and thickening;
  • Hydration;
  • Hair health-promoting (targeting hair loss or hair thinning specifically).

How can you find the right hair serum for you?

The most important two things to consider when choosing your hair serum are:

  1. Your hair type;
  2. The hair concern you want to target.

1.   Know your hair type

Your hair type is so important when choosing your hair serum because depending on the type of hair it’s made for, every hair serum will have a different level of viscosity.

This will either push it towards the more watery end of the spectrum, which is ideal for fine hair, or towards the more oily, weighty end, which is great for thicker, drier, and difficult to manage hair.

Using the wrong hair serum for either will either mean poor absorption, or excessively heavy application - neither of which will give you the results you were hoping for when you picked up your hair serum in the first place.

When you’re browsing online or checking out the serums available in your local drug store, make sure you’re looking at the right ones.

2.   Target your hair concern

Just like shampoos and conditioners, hair serums are created with particular ends in mind (no pun intended). Take a second to analyse your hair, really look at its condition, and get honest about what it would most benefit from.

It can be something as simple as dryness and dullness for a lot of people, while for others, it could be something more serious such as hair thinning and hair loss.

Whatever you’re hoping a hair serum will help you with, you can absolutely find the perfect one for you.

Here, however, it’s important to note that no matter how good it is, a hair serum can only do so much on its own. Make sure that you’re integrating it into an overall hair care routine that also works towards the same outcome.

The best hair serums for men

How much should you spend on a good hair serum?

While it’s not always the case that cheap serums will necessarily damage the condition of your hair, in the long run, it’s good to keep in mind that most of the cheaper ones are silicone-based.

Silicone is bad for hair, as it can build up on your hair strands and weigh them down, even blocking your hair follicles and causing hair loss.

So, if you want a hair serum that will have long-term benefits and not just short-term aesthetic ones, we definitely recommend checking the ingredient list and making sure it’s silicone-free.

Generally, we’ve found that you can get decent quality hair serums starting from €15 if you’re on a budget, and great quality ones around €30.

The best hair serum for men with normal hair

If your hair is already in good condition, but you’re just looking to add that extra bit of shine and moisture that won’t weigh down your hair, then we recommend the Aesop Tame Hair Serum (€30). It’s got a lighter, aqueous consistency but packs a punch.

Aesop Tame Hair Serum For Men

The best hair serum for men with thick, unruly hair

For those with hair that needs a little bit more moisture and richness of formula, we recommend the ​​Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Serum (€30). It’s specially formulated for thicker locks and will leave hair looking healthy and hydrated.

Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Hair Serum for men

The best hair serum for men with hair loss and thinning

For men struggling with hair loss and hair thinning, we recommend a natural serum that we make ourselves: Hair Growth Serum by Scandinavian Biolabs (€49).

(It's more expensive not because you're getting sold our marketing, but our bottle is triple the size of the other ones, giving you more for much less)

Its formulation is science-based and guaranteed to bring growth within 150 days and loved by more than 20,000 customers. It’s silicone-free (the benefits of which you already know), paraben-free and sulfate-free, as well as 100% vegan.

We’ve got strong faith that our hair serum will give you the results you need - but if you find it didn’t within a 150 day period, then you’ll get your money back guaranteed. So why not give it a try here?

Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Serum For Men


Hair serums can be a great addition to any hair care routine - by coating the hair in-between washes when it’s exposed to environmental aggressors and other causes of damage, hair serum offers a simple way to ensure your hair is always moisturised and protected.

Like the addition of any other hair care product to your routine, we recommend ensuring that you are doing your research before you choose which product to buy.