Why Is One Side of My Hair Flat? Styling and Growth Factors

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Have you noticed that one side of your hair appears flatter than the other? Wondering, "Why is one side of my hair flat?" This article will explain the potential causes of this common hair concern and provide solutions to bring back volume and symmetry to your hair.

Why is one side of my hair flat?

One side of your hair may be flat due to a variety of factors. This can include your hair care habits, such as always brushing or combing on one side, or constantly parting your hair on the same side. Additionally, the way you sleep can impact your hair's volume, with the side you sleep on potentially appearing flatter (source, source).

Understanding the Causes

Repeated pressure and friction on one side of your hair can cause it to become flatter over time. This may result from habitual brushing, combing, or styling of hair on one side (source).

Another common reason is related to sleeping habits. If you tend to sleep on one side, the hair on that side may appear flatter due to the pressure exerted on it during sleep (source).

How to Add Volume to Flat Hair

Even though one side of your hair may appear flat, there are strategies to bring back balance and volume. Switching up your hair care habits, like changing your part or brushing direction, can help. Try using volumizing techniques or products that can add body and fullness to your hair. In case of persistent unevenness, consider consulting a hairstylist or trichologist for professional advice (source).


Understanding why one side of your hair may be flat is the first step towards finding a solution. Whether it's changing your hair care routine, modifying your sleep habits, or trying new volumizing techniques, you have the power to bring back symmetry to your hairstyle. Always remember to consult a hair care professional if you're unsure about the cause of your flat hair or if the problem persists despite your best efforts.

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