Best 7 Biotin Hair Growth Serums to Supercharge Your Hair Regrowth Journey

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Biotin hair serum is a powerhouse for supercharging your hair regrowth journey.

In this article, we'll explore the top 7 biotin hair growth serums that can transform your hair from dull and thin to thick and vibrant.

Get ready to discover the ultimate solutions for achieving healthier, fuller hair.

What is a biotin hair serum and how does it work?

biotin serum


A biotin hair serum is a specialized product that combines biotin (vitamin H or B7) with essential nutrients to strengthen hair, stimulate growth, and prevent breakage. When applied to the scalp, it nourishes hair follicles, improves blood circulation, and promotes the production of healthier, stronger strands, leading to fuller, more vibrant hair.

However, the effectiveness of biotin hair growth serums may vary among individuals.


That's where our Bio-Pilixin® Serum steps in!

This innovative formula has been clinically tested to not only help reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth, but also improve hair density, offering a reliable and safe solution for those seeking comprehensive hair care that truly works.

So, if you're looking for a hair growth serum with results, our Bio-Pilixin® Serum might be the perfect choice for you!

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested

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Top 7 biotin hair growth serums

Here is a comparison table for the top 7 biotin hair serums:


Key Ingredients

Key Benefits

PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

Niacin, Biotin, Argan Oil, Antioxidants

Reduces hair thinning, increases volume, detoxifies scalp, encourages healthy hair

Sephora Strengthening Hair Serum

Biotin, Plant-based Proteins

Nourishes and strengthens hair, effective for fine hair, addresses thinning and damage

Boldify Hair Boost Serum

Biotin, 30 Natural Elements, 4 Clinically Proven Peptides

Supports fuller, denser, and healthier-looking hair, enhances strand strength, visibly lengthens hair

MOUNTAIN TOP Hair Thickening Scalp Serum

Biotin, Caffeine, Cayenne, Catalase

Improves blood circulation, soothes dry scalps, reactivates weak follicles

A22 BIOTIN BOOST Hair + Scalp Serum

Biotin, Niacinamide, Rosemary Oil

Increases appearance of thicker hair, combats thinning and shedding

Beauty Untouched Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Serum

Biotin & Collagen

Increases circulation, promotes growth, detangles, defrizzes, smooths, moisturizes

Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

Biotin, Pea Sprout Extract, Pro-vitamin B5

Gives fuller, thicker-looking hair, supports against breakage, made specifically for women with natural hair


1. PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

advanced topical formula

This clinically tested serum is formulated to reduce hair thinning due to breakage while increasing volume.

With a stimulating blend of 16 key active ingredients, including niacin, biotin, argan oil, and antioxidants, this scalp serum helps detoxify the scalp and encourages healthy hair, strength, and resilience.

It's gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair.

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2. Sephora Strengthening Hair Serum

germ extract and leaf extract

Only available at Sephora, this hair serum is enriched with biotin and plant-based proteins to nourish and strengthen hair.

Especially effective for fine hair, this serum is suitable for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair types with fine and medium textures, addressing concerns such as straightening/smoothing, thinning, and damage/split ends/breakage.

The formula is free of harmful chemicals and is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

In a satisfaction test performed on 20 volunteers after 56 days of use, 95% felt their hair was more resistant, and 85% felt their scalp had been fortified.

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3. Boldify Hair Boost Serum

biotin hair serum

Boldify's Biotin-infused Hair Boost Serum naturally supports fuller, denser, and healthier-looking hair without the harmful side effects of hair-loss drugs.


This powerful serum is packed with 30 natural, plant-powered ingredients and 4 clinically proven peptides that work synergistically to nurture scalp health, nourish hair follicles, enhance strand strength, and visibly lengthen hair.

Suitable for all hair types, this serum is easy to use and delivers beautiful results.

The natural hair boost complex, made with biotin, peptides, and various essential oils, provides a lightweight, non-greasy finish that leaves hair feeling soft, thick, and manageable.

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4. MOUNTAIN TOP Hair Thickening Scalp Serum

keratin production

MOUNTAIN TOP Hair Thickening Scalp Serum improves blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn delivers more vitamins and minerals to the hair.

This invigorating scalp treatment helps to soothe itchy, dry scalps and reactivate damaged or weak follicles for better hair development.

The serum cleanses the scalp, removing dirt, residue, and buildup of dead skin cells, making it easier to style your hair daily.

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5. A22 BIOTIN BOOST Hair + Scalp Serum

sodium benzoate

A22 Biotin Boost Hair + Scalp Serum features an innovative blend of biotin, niacinamide, and rosemary oil.

This serum is designed to increase the appearance of thicker, fuller hair while promoting hair growth and combating signs of thinning and shedding.

Made from natural ingredients, this formula has been clinically shown to help improve the overall health and vitality of your hair.

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6. Beauty Untouched Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Serum

biotin hair growth serum

The Beauty Untouched Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Serum is a 4-ounce formula that increases circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

It detangles, defrizzes, smooths, and moisturizes, while also protecting against hot tool damage. This paraben-free, colour-safe serum is suitable for all hair types.

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7. Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

biotin hair growth serum

Recognized by InStyle as being "Better than Rogaine," Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum is designed to give you fuller, thicker-looking hair while supporting against breakage.

Made specifically for women with natural hair who desire longer, more beautiful locks, this serum is formulated with biotin, pea sprout extract, and pro-vitamin B5.

Get salon-quality hair care at home with this powerful, yet gentle serum.

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A powerful alternative to biotin hair growth serums

strong hair suitable serum, hair loss supportIntroducing our Bio-Pilixin® Serum, a superior alternative to biotin hair growth serums.

This expertly developed serum helps hair loss at its root - the hair growth cycle - to enhance the growth phase and minimize the shedding phase.

The result? Healthier, denser hair.

biotin hair serum

Impressive clinical results back up our claims: in a study of 40 participants, 93% were satisfied and 73% saw an increase in hair density. Unlike biotin serums, Bio-Pilixin® delivers consistent results across diverse hair types and conditions.

Our potent blend of capilia longa, niacinamide, and vanillyl butyl ether targets hair loss while improving density and promoting new growth.

Combined with cutting-edge stem cell technology, this powerful serum offers a comprehensive solution to hair loss, outperforming traditional biotin serums.

As a plant-powered formula, it's safe for everyday use. If you're seeking a fuller, healthier mane backed by clinical evidence, Bio-Pilixin® Serum is your ideal choice.

And the best part? We offer a 150-day money-back guarantee - we're confident you'll love the results!

hair serum before and after

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Women
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Women
Drug-free & clinically tested

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested

Does biotin serum really work for hair growth?

zinc chloride
The effectiveness of biotin serum for hair growth is debated. While biotin, a vital nutrient for hair health, can help address deficiencies that lead to hair loss, its effectiveness in serum form varies. Results depend on individual factors like genetics, diet, and hair care routines.
Consulting a healthcare professional is recommended before using biotin serum.


How long does it take for biotin hair serum to work?

biotin hair growth serum

The time it takes for biotin hair serum to work varies by individual, but consistent use over 4-6 months may lead to noticeable improvements in hair health and growth. Hair typically grows about half an inch per month, so significant changes in thickness and strength may take three to six months. Patience and a regular hair care routine are essential for best results. 


Biotin hair growth serums have gained popularity as a potential solution for those looking to enhance their hair's health and promote growth.

While these serums can provide benefits for some individuals, it is essential to remember that results may vary, and not everyone may experience the same level of effectiveness.

Our Bio-Pilixin® Serum offers a powerful, clinically tested alternative that targets the hair growth cycle and has shown promising results for many users.

As you explore the top biotin hair growth serums on the market, it is crucial to consider your unique needs and consult with a professional to determine the most suitable approach for your hair care journey.

Ultimately, the key to healthy, strong, and beautiful hair lies in consistent care, a well-balanced diet, and a tailored hair care routine that caters to your specific requirements.


Does biotin serum work for hair growth?

The effectiveness of biotin serum for hair growth is subjective and varies from person to person. While some individuals report noticeable improvement in their hair's health and growth, others may not experience the same benefits. There's some evidence to suggest that biotin can improve the health of your hair, particularly if you have a biotin deficiency, but more research is needed to fully understand how effective it is.

How often should I apply biotin hair serum for the best results?

The frequency of application varies depending on the specific product and its instructions. Generally, most biotin hair growth serums recommend daily or every other day application for optimal results. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your chosen serum.

What does biotin hair serum do?

Biotin hair serum, when applied to the scalp, can nourish your hair follicles, potentially leading to healthier and stronger strands. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. The serum can also improve blood circulation in the scalp, ensuring that nutrients reach your hair roots, ultimately contributing to a fuller, more vibrant mane.

Which biotin hair serum is best?

Determining the best biotin hair serum depends on individual needs and hair types. Some highly-rated options include PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum, Boldify Hair Boost Serum, and Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum. These products utilize biotin along with other key ingredients to enhance hair strength and promote growth.


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