Happy Head Vs Hims: Which One Is Better For Your Hair Loss?

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In the modern age of technology and innovation, addressing hair loss has evolved beyond simple shampoos and hopeful remedies. Two leading names that have emerged in this space are Happy Head and Hims. 

But when choosing the most effective solution for your receding hairline or thinning patches, which one comes out on top? Dive into our comprehensive comparison guide as we dissect the features, benefits, and effectiveness of both Happy Head and Hims. 

Get ready to make an informed decision for your luscious locks. Let's delve into the "Happy Head vs Hims" world and determine which truly delivers its promises.

What is Happy Head?

happy head vs hims

Happy Head is a prominent brand focused on hair growth solutions. Their products are crafted to target thinning and balding, blending science with potent ingredients for optimal hair health.

Happy Head is a front-runner in the hair care industry, specifically addressing hair loss concerns. The brand has developed various hair growth products to stimulate regrowth and maintain a healthy scalp environment. 

Their unique formulations combine potent ingredients with scientific research to ensure users get the most out of their hair care routine.

How does Happy Head work?

Happy Head's formula functions by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles. Combining unique ingredients, it seeks to rejuvenate dormant follicles and encourage healthier, more robust hair growth.

What does Happy Head offer?

  • Hair Growth Serum: This lightweight serum penetrates deep into the scalp, delivering essential nutrients to awaken dormant hair follicles. It is suitable for daily use and aims to boost hair density and thickness over time.
  • Hair Growth Shampoo: Infused with natural ingredients known for their benefits, this shampoo cleanses the hair and promotes a conducive environment for growth.
  • Hair Growth Conditioner: Working with the shampoo, the conditioner locks in moisture, ensures hair remains strong, and prevents breakage.
  • Scalp Massaging Tool: While not a topical product, this tool is designed to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, enhancing the effectiveness of other Happy Head products.
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Pros and cons of Happy Head


  • A comprehensive range of products catering to different hair needs.
  • Uses natural ingredients known for their hair growth benefits.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Formulated based on scientific research.


  • It might be pricier compared to other over-the-counter solutions.
  • Individual results may vary.
  • Some users might require prolonged use to see visible results.

Are there any side effects of Happy Head?

While Happy Head products are generally designed for safe use, like all hair care treatments, there's potential for individual reactions. It's essential to check the ingredients list for potential allergens and do a patch test before application.

When diving into Happy Head's range, most users find them gentle and effective. However, as with any hair growth or care product, side effects can be based on individual sensitivities or allergic reactions. Some users might experience mild itching, redness, or irritation. 

It's crucial to read through the ingredients to ensure none are known irritants for you. If in doubt, conducting a patch test or consulting with a dermatologist before incorporating new products into your routine is always a good practice.

What is Hims?

happy head vs hims

Hims is a telehealth brand that offers men's wellness products, including hair loss solutions, designed to address balding and thinning issues.

Hims rose to popularity with its holistic approach to men's health. While they provide a wide range of wellness products, their hair loss treatments have garnered significant attention. 

Hims' hair care solutions are underpinned by medical science, offering over-the-counter and prescription-based products tailored to prevent hair loss and promote regrowth.

How does Hims work?

Hims offers medically-backed hair loss treatments that target the root causes of balding by preventing DHT production, stimulating hair follicles, or nourishing the scalp.

What does Hims offer?

Pros and cons of Hims


  • A comprehensive suite of both OTC and prescription hair loss solutions.
  • Medically-backed and FDA-approved products.
  • Convenient telehealth consultations for personalized treatment.
  • Transparent approach with clear information on product efficacy.


  • Prescription treatments may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Possible side effects with some medicines.
  • The monthly subscription model may not appeal to all users.
  • Individual results can vary based on the product and user.

Are there any side effects of Hims?

Hims products, especially prescription ones like Finasteride, can have side effects. Common ones include scalp irritation, temporary shedding, or, rarely, sexual dysfunction. 

Hims products are backed by scientific research, but individual reactions can occur. Especially with prescription medications like Finasteride, users might experience side effects ranging from mild scalp irritation to more severe reactions like sexual dysfunction. 

The over-the-counter products might lead to temporary shedding or skin reactions. Monitoring any changes and seeking medical advice if adverse reactions are noted is vital.

An effective alternative to Happy Head and Hims

alternative to happy head and hims

The Bio-Pilixin® Serum by Scandinavian Biolabs introduces an innovative approach to help combat hair thinning and encourage new growth. 

Utilizing advanced stem cell technology, this serum boasts a rich blend of plant growth factors, ensuring profound nourishment and stimulating growth from the roots upwards. 

Clinical studies validate its effectiveness, showing noticeable improvements in just 45 days. A staggering 93% of study participants witnessed positive changes.

Designed for daily application, this nature-inspired serum pledges unparalleled nourishment and revival for your hair. Every component is meticulously selected for its top-tier quality and scientifically proven benefits. 

One notable ingredient is Capilia Longa, sourced from Curcuma longa stem cells, which has been shown to decrease hair loss by a significant 89–90% and increase hair thickness by 52%. 

The addition of Niacinamide amplifies the serum's power, strengthening hair by improving blood flow and shielding follicles from environmental stressors like pollution and harmful UV exposure.

With these key ingredients, the Bio-Pilixin® Serum is a transformative solution in hair care. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering: if you're not convinced after 150 days, we offer a full refund.

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
Drug-free & clinically tested

Happy Head vs Hims: What are the differences?

Both Happy Head and Hims provide solutions for hair loss, but they come from distinct perspectives and offer unique products. While Happy Head focuses on products designed to nourish and stimulate hair growth, Hims blends telehealth with OTC and prescription solutions tailored to men's hair loss needs.

Product lineup

Happy Head offers a comprehensive range of hair growth products, including serums, shampoos, and conditioners, while Hims has a mix of OTC solutions, prescription medications like Finasteride, and supportive products like DHT-blocking shampoos.

Target audience

Happy Head caters to a broader audience with its range of products suitable for all, whereas Hims is specifically tailored to address men's health, including their hair loss needs.


Happy Head emphasizes natural nourishment and scalp health, relying on botanical-inspired solutions. On the other hand, Hims offers a more medically driven approach, combining over-the-counter treatments with prescription medications.

Happy Head vs Hims: Which one is better for you?

Choosing between Happy Head and Hims boils down to individual needs. If you're looking for a more natural, botanical-based approach, Happy Head might be your go-to. However, if you're seeking medically-backed solutions with the option for prescription treatments, Hims offers a tailored approach for men. 

Consider your hair type, loss pattern, and personal preferences before deciding.


The journey to addressing hair loss has several paths, and Happy Head and Hims present compelling solutions. 

Happy Head stands out with its botanical-inspired formulations, ensuring deep nourishment and invigorating growth from the roots. 

Hims, with its mix of medical and telehealth solutions, specifically caters to the modern man's needs. 

And if you're exploring alternatives, don't forget about the innovative Bio-Pilixin® Serum by Scandinavian Biolabs. 

Its unique blend of plant growth factors and scientifically validated ingredients, like Capilia Longa, make it a worthy contender in the hair care arena. Whatever you choose, prioritize your hair's health and comfort with the treatment approach. 


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