15 Hair Loss Hairstyles for Thinning Hair on Crown of 2024

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Are you struggling with thin hair or a receding hairline on the crown and looking for the best hairstyles to mask it in 2024?

Discover our top 15 hair loss hairstyles that offer both style and confidence, specifically designed to address issues like male pattern hair loss and thinning hair on the crown.

From clever cuts to strategic styling, find the perfect look to enhance your appearance this year.

15 Hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on the crown

For those experiencing hair loss, especially thinning at the crown, there are stylish solutions that can help you feel confident and look your best. From side-swept bangs that cleverly cover the hairline to strategically cut bobs that maximize volume, there are a variety of hairstyles designed to address thinning hair. Each style offers its own unique way to enhance your look while minimizing the appearance of hair loss.

Side-Swept Bangs

hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

Side-swept bangs are among the best hairstyles for thinning hair on the crown, effectively hiding a receding hairline. They can be adapted whether you already have bangs or not.

For those with bangs, a loose, low ponytail combined with voluminous, swept-to-the-side bangs can elegantly cover thinning areas. 

If you're bang-less, simply leave out small sections of hair when tying your ponytail, and then sweep these sections back to secure behind your ears, creating a faux-bang effect.


bob hair style for thin hair

The mid-length bob stands out as a classic hair loss hairstyle for managing hair thinning crown areas, offering a flattering volume that relies on your head's natural form.

For those wary of tight hairstyles that may exacerbate hair thinning, the bob offers a safe, stylish alternative without the tension. For added lift, use a root lifting spray. 

Options include the classic chin-length bob, a longer lob, or a mid-length version. To add body, consider an inverted, asymmetrical, or layered bob, which provides a fuller look by varying lengths and layers.

Short, Natural Curls

short hairstyle

Leveraging the texture of natural curls can be a straightforward and effective method for concealing thinning areas, particularly in hairstyles for thinning hair. 

By moisturizing, combing, and then enhancing your curls, you can easily camouflage areas of concern. 

This approach is particularly beneficial for textured hair, as it avoids the potentially damaging effects of relaxers and leverages natural volume for coverage.

Buzz Cut

thicker hair buzz cut

Opting for a buzz cut is a bold decision that serves as a stylish solution for male pattern baldness, offering ease of maintenance. This look draws attention away from the thinning areas and towards your facial features. 

You can add dimension with a fade, using different guard settings to blend the hair seamlessly. For those willing to experiment, a platinum blonde buzz cut can be a fun and edgy choice.

Top Knot

Top Knot hair style

A top knot is ideal for those with longer hair, providing an elegant option to hide hair loss while enhancing the appearance of healthy hair.

By pulling your long hair up into a knot at the crown of your head, you can effectively conceal any areas of concern. This style also allows for added volume at the top, especially if the ends are not tied into the bun, providing a fuller appearance.

Flipped Over Side Parting

Flipped Over Side Parting hairstyle

Avoiding a center part can make a significant difference for those with thinning at the top. A deep side part, achieved with the help of volumizing products and blow-drying techniques, can give the illusion of fuller hair. 

By flipping your receding hair to one side, you create volume and body, making thinning less noticeable. 


Twist-Outs hair style

Twist-outs are perfect for those with natural curls, looking to conceal hair loss. By sectioning the hair into eight to ten parts and using a curling pomade before twisting, this technique not only camouflages thinning crown areas but also adds volume to existing hair.

Once dry, the twists are undone, creating a full-bodied look. For those seeking a closer-to-the-scalp approach, flat twists or cornrows directed over thinning areas can serve as an effective camouflage, offering a styled and voluminous appearance once untwisted.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-Framing Layers hairstyle

Addressing hair loss around the hairline and temples, soft face-framing layers can create an intentional, fuller look.

Styling hair into soft waves adds volume, with the use of tools like the Dyson Cordless Corrale Straightener to achieve a gentle bend from root to mid-shaft, enhancing the illusion of density and covering sparse areas seamlessly.

Back-Combed Ponytail

Back-Combed Ponytail hairstyle

For those experiencing hair loss at the crown, a back-combed ponytail offers an easy and stylish solution.

Pre-styling with products that enhance texture lays the foundation for a ponytail or bun with a voluminous pouf at the top, effectively concealing any signs of thinning.

Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cut hairstyle

The long pixie cut, with its shorter sides and longer top, is adept at hiding thinning areas by allowing the hair on top to be combed back over any sparse spots.

For added volume, texturizing products can be used. The Caesar cut, a variation with short sides and top and wispy bangs, also works well when the hair is grown out enough to cover thinning areas.

Loose French Braid

Loose French Braid hairstyle

Beginning at the hairline, a loose French braid that incorporates additional hair as it progresses back can add significant volume and body.

By gently pulling at the braid to loosen it, and especially around the face, this style not only conceals thinning but also frames the face beautifully, offering a practical and elegant hairstyle solution.

Easy Updo With Statement Claw Clip

Easy Updo With Statement Claw Clip hair style

The easy updo with a statement claw clip is an effortlessly chic way to manage hair while also covering thinning areas effectively. Starting with a side part that stops short of any thinning near the crown, brush the hair back, gathering it at the nape. 

A few twists before securing the hair vertically with a stylish claw clip not only adds elegance but also subtly covers the crown.

A light application of hairspray helps maintain the style and keep any thinning areas discreetly covered, ensuring the look remains polished and flattering throughout the day.

Textured Messy High Bun With Bangs

Textured Messy High Bun With Bangs hairstyle

For those with naturally wavy or curly hair, the textured messy high bun with bangs offers a dynamic and stylish solution that embraces volume and texture.

By pulling the hair into a high ponytail at the crown and then twisting it into a loose coil, this style allows for a casual yet sophisticated updo. 

The key is to let some strands fall loosely, enhancing the textured effect and using the bun's volume to cleverly disguise any thin areas.

This look not only provides a modern twist on the classic bun but also leverages natural hair texture for an added volume boost, making it an ideal choice for those dealing with thinning hair.

Box Braids

Box Braids hair style

Box braids are a superior hairstyle for thinning hair, providing protection and gentle styling that minimizes stress on hair follicles, reducing the risk of traction alopecia.

Opting for lightweight hair extensions and requesting small, feathered braids from your stylist can help minimize any potential strain on your hair follicles. 

For larger, thinner patches, incorporating cornrows with extensions woven in can offer coverage while minimizing tension. It’s crucial to communicate any discomfort to your stylist immediately to avoid tight braids and a balding crown that could lead to traction alopecia.

Doing your homework to find a stylist experienced in handling thinning hair is vital to ensure a protective and safe braiding experience.

Half Up, Half Down

Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down style is an uncomplicated yet efficient hair loss hairstyle, perfectly concealing crown thinning with strategic placement.

By gathering approximately two-thirds of your hair from the top and sides and securing it just above the crown, this style provides strategic coverage over thinning areas or bald spots. 

Its ease and effectiveness make it a popular choice for those looking to stylishly mask hair loss without resorting to more complex styling techniques. This method allows for both coverage and a flattering look, making it an ideal hairstyle for daily wear or special occasions.

A better approach for your overall hair health

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The journey to managing and concealing thinning hair on the crown need not be daunting. With our curated list of 15 hair loss hairstyles for 2024, from the elegance of side-swept bangs to the protective nature of box braids, there's a style to suit every preference and hair type. 

Each hairstyle offers a unique way to boost confidence and enhance your appearance, ensuring that thinning hair becomes a manageable aspect of your beauty routine rather than a source of concern.

Furthermore, integrating a proactive approach to hair care with products like Scandinavian Biolabs' Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum can significantly enhance your hair health journey.

This serum, leveraging advanced stem cell technology and enriched with plant growth factors, aims not only at treating hair loss but also at promoting the hair growth cycle, supporting the regeneration of balding hair.


What are the best hairstyles for thinning hair at the crown?

Short textured crops, layered bobs, side-swept fringes, and buzz cuts are ideal for thinning hair on top. These styles add texture and dimension, creating an illusion of volume and making the hair appear fuller.

How can I conceal my thinning hair on my crown?

Consider using hair toppers, clip-on bangs, wigs, or hair extensions specifically designed for the crown area to cover thinning spots. Additionally, stylish hats, scarves, headbands, and colorful wraps can effectively hide thinning hair while adding a fashionable touch.

What can I do to encourage hair regrowth on my crown?

Incorporate evidence-based lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, adopting a nutritious diet, considering supplements designed for hair growth, applying topical treatments, and using essential oils known to support hair health.


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