Hair Transplant Before And After: How Will I Look Post-Surgery?

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You've been feeling a lack of confidence with every hair that swirls down the drain, and it appears that transplant surgery is the only option.

You’re wondering if it would work for you and if taking this expensive measure would help you feel like yourself again.

For obvious reasons, you'd want to know what a hair transplant before and after looks like, to save yourself the trouble in case it isn't what you wanted.

Hair Transplant Before and After Pictures

 Hair transplant before and after 1 day:

hair transplant before and after 1 day

Hair transplant before and after 3 months or more:

hair transplant before and after 3 months

hair transplant before and after 3 months

hair transplant before and after 3 months

hair transplant before and after 3 months

before and after hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is a long-term solution that can be costly, so you want to ensure your investment will be worth it.

You’re ready to stop hiding from your reflection. The more hair you lose, the less you feel like yourself. Lack of hair can leave you feeling less of a person and longing for the gorgeous head of hair you see everywhere but in the mirror.

From alopecia to male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, and hormonal changes, these issues cause severe social anxiety and interfere with your health and well-being, making it almost impossible to be seen in public without embarrassment.

How much does hair transplant cost?

hair transplant markings

Hair transplant surgery is not just an emotional investment in helping you regain a full head of hair and rebuild your confidence. It’s a costly investment. The average hair transplant costs between $4,000 and $15,000 in the United States, with many insurance plans refusing to cover such treatments.

This cost can be even more when considering out-of-pocket costs for anesthesia that make the procedure less painful. Even with an anesthetic, surgery on your hairline and scalp can cause headaches, irritation, and soreness for days and even weeks following the procedure.

Though hair transplant has around 90 percent success rate the rejections however are associated with very deleterious results. If surgery get affected by infection, it can lead to sepsis and eventually death. So it's always recommended to go for a safe and natural alternative.

Gary's hair transplant case

gary before hair transplant

For many, this investment can feel too big to make sense financially, even when those people continue to hide from their reflections and dread any social activities. That’s how Gary felt when he began his journey in the Spring of 2020. On the cusp of a pandemic, Gary was feeling dejected and lonely.

If you’re like Gary and feeling like there is no hope, fret no more.

In April 2020, Gary was at a critical point in his hair loss journey. After searching for “hair restoration near me,” he applied for neograft surgery. Without much hope left, he decided to try out a few different alternatives to hair transplant surgery while waiting to see if he would be approved for FUE.

His male pattern baldness was becoming severe and caused him to lose zeal, energy, and confidence. He missed the appearance and social life he once had, but even the best hair transplant in the world seemed intimidating, and hair implants cost thousands he wasn’t sure he could afford to spend. Gary had tried almost everything, including dying his hair to make it appear fuller and more luxuriant.

Which natural alternatives to hair transplant surgery did Gary try?

In his own words, after trying these alternatives:

"I have for the moment cancelled any plans to undergo a hair transplant."

gary after hair transplant alternative

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto can be beneficial for hair loss in several ways. It works by blocking 5-alpha reductase, which is a critical enzyme that affects the production of hormones and makes hair follicles grow new hair. Saw Palmetto is often taken as a continuing solution following hair transplant surgery, though, and cannot easily be accessed as an option to start on its own.

Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine

"I then came across your product and have been using it daily since July."

The science behind our three-step formula, Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine, improves the shine and smoothness of hair for users, doing more than just facilitating new growth.

Compared to finasteride without the side effects, the Hair Growth Routine is a natural alternative that is readily available to those looking for a natural way to regrow hair.

The natural and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery

With the science to back it up and the social proof from many, it’s time to retake control of your appearance with a non-invasive solution that'll naturally re-grow your hair in months.

Our 100% natural hair loss treatment has been proven effective by thousands of people like you. That’s right - no need to worry about surgery, dangerous injections, or pills.

Scandinavian Biolabs hair loss treatment is improving quality of life through innovation.

I want fuller hair now!

Scandinavian Biolabs hair loss treatment is improving the quality of life through innovation. Their formula contains a proprietary mixture of three ingredients to restore your beautiful hair.

The key ingredient in the formula improves the shine and smoothness of hair for users, setting them apart in the market and setting you apart by giving you swoon-worthy hair again.

Perfect for men with a family history of hair loss and male pattern baldness, Scandinavian Biolabs innovative formula will help you regain your self-confidence and restore your manhood. The natural and proven three-step process increases hair growth to give you lovely, full, attractive hair again.

We don’t just use words to back up our claims, though.

In 2020, The Capillary Technology Center in Barcelona completed a 150-day study to test Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth formula on both men and women. The results of their findings were staggering.

  • Over 70% of volunteers showed a 23% increase in hair density
  • 93% of volunteers showed a reduction in hair loss.

As Gary’s story and many others have shown, this process works to significantly increase the firmness and plumpness of hair, growing lots of new hair where it may have stopped growing years ago without pesky side effects, expensive treatments, and terrifying surgeries.

Save yourself the trouble, try the Hair Growth Routine risk-free now!


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